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Belladonna Wishes - Week 3 - Djurström

Last time, Tove managed to get in to Uni on the last day of her teenhood. Niclas was a typical child and skipped rope and sold lemonade inside the apartment. Kim wanted to become a witch! The animals had a lot of attention, but not enough food, so they were all taken away. The twins Barbara and Ebbe were born

Alvar Djurström, Family/Popularity, LTW Golden Anniversary
Kim Djurström, Knowledge,  LTW Mayor
Niclas Djurström, Fortune, LTW Earn 100.000§
Barbara Djurström
Ebbe Djurström

Niclas gets a charisma point and then heads off shopping for clothes and electronical gizmos.

Alvar grows up well to elder.

Niclas gets a secondary aspiration of Grilled Cheese.

Then gets a wish by eating something else.

Alvar likes to skill

And so does Kim

There are toddlers too. Ebbe likes to learn how to go potty

And Barbara learns to talk

Interactions give some wishes

And some dancing

Alvar likes to arrange parties

Then back to his children

Niclas reaches the top of his teen career in City Hall as he wished for.

He has also found a friend to talk about Grilled Cheese with

And he gets the Young Entrepreneur’s grant.

Barbara gets a wish point by growing up well.

And so does Ebbe

Kim likes computer games, music and skilling

The kids like skipping rope indoors.

A new parrot is bought and Ebbe likes to play with it.

And so does Alvar

Niclas changed his look but still likes Grilled Cheese

Barbara learns to study

She sells lemonade inside the apartment

And she plays with the parrot.

Niclas buys more electronical gizmos and clothes, and has found another friend to discuss Grilled Cheese with.

History repeats itself pretty much in this household.

And repeat…

Sometimes the kids get a wish by doing their homework

But mostly not. And no one is doing the dishes.

A party!

Niclas starts dancing already outside the building, in the rain.

After all her skilling, Kim finally gets a secondary aspiration of Fortune.

Then she maxes her Creativity.


Kim becomes friends with the evil witch Frida.

Father and son play around

Ebbe and Barbara often have identical wishes.

Alvar learns Anger Management

Then he gets a teenage wish to buy an MP3-player

And by dancing in the café

Kim and Barbara play outside in the snow.

Alvar and Ebbe don’t want to be left out

But Kim gives the better spin! Look, no hands!

Then Kim becomes friends with the evil witch again.

And by the end of the week, Niclas packs up his grants and moves to Uni, where he will move in with the Bergros kids.

It was, as seen, a very boring week here at the Djurströms. It was as usual hard to keep the Knowledge sim Kiim happy, but Ebbe being a kid was unexpectedly hard. It was a so-so result.

Tags: belladonna wishes, djurström

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