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Belladonna Wishes - Week 3 - Delarosa

Last time, Florence skilled, but she also dated Dennis Jakobsson. They hit it off so well that Dennis moved in and the two got married. Florence sneak dated Gilbert Jacquet when Dennis worked night! A very innocent one, but anyway! Dennis and Florence tried to get pregnant but without success.

Florence Jakobsson, Knowledge/Pleasure, LTW Mad Scientist
Dennis Jakobsson, Family/Fortune, LTW Marry off 6 kids

Dennis wishes for a baby, as he has done for a long time, or at least a kitten!

Since it’s easier to get hold of a kitten, we call the shelter and choose a female kitten that we name Duchesse.

Florence organizes a party, but avoids inviting Gilbert (Jacquet) to not mess things up

Dennis is happy when Duchesse arrives.

Florence serves pancakes

And takes a bubble bath

Then her main aspiration of Knowledge takes over and she goes outside to stargaze.

Husband and wife spend some time together

Then it’s time for the next kitten. It’s a male who gets the name Thomas O’Malley

Dennis is stargazing a lot and we hope he’ll get abducted, but it hasn’t happened yet.

Florence is stargazing, too, and not much babymaking is going on

Florence wants to interact with the local wolves, but they are not around

The third kitten moves in. A male called Scat Cat

Sometines the spouses get some wishes out of each other, but the marriage feels lukewarm

Florence prefers to skill

Dennis brings home a friend from work. Her name is Emelie Pettersson

They get along fine

Duchesse grows up

Florence skills

Dennis stargazes and plays with his kittens

He tries to connect with Florence

And for once she’s in on it and they have a home date

Thomas O’Malley grows up

No abduction today either

But at least some marital connection.

Not for long though

Most of the time, the dating and the communication within this marriage is happening when Florence feels like it, which is not so often

Then they have a nice time, but it is soon over

Then Florence turns into an elder. No children for her.

And she’s continuing her skilling pattern. Honestly, the SimGodess believes Florence was single too long and have a hard time living a life for two.

Scat Cat grows up.

The couple has always had a small home business in the house, but it has been dormant. Lately, Dennis has started to wish for things related to the business, and he gets a big wish from a loyalty star when he opens the business again. He also wishes to employ Emelie and invites her over.

Emelie is warm and receptive, not at all distant and cold as Florence, and Dennis cannot help himself from having a really good time with Emelie on the couch.

Eventually he gets down to his real errand and employs her

It’s an employment with benefits, and only future will tell where this will end, but now the week is over!

These two seems not really in sync, and I must say that Dennis feels happier now when he met Emelie and acted on his feeling s for her. Remains to see whet Florence makes of it when she finds out.



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Mar. 5th, 2017 06:50 am (UTC)
Wow. Chilly atmosphere there indeed. Or at least very indifferent. Not great that Dennis is starting to cheat on Florence, but in some ways one can hardly blame him. Also, no one gardens much there, do they? Noticed a lot of weeds around.
Mar. 8th, 2017 01:48 pm (UTC)
I don't know what happened here, but it seems only Dennis is interested in the relationship, even though Florence is a secondary Pleasure!

Regarding gardening, you're completely right. They both break down from bad environment score when outside, but never do anything about it :)
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