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Belladonna Wishes - Week 3 - Collert

Last time, Julian visited the neighbours and threw parties, while he booty called Alex Clintånger, his former neighbour who is now in Uni

Julian Collin, Popularity/Fortune, LTW 20 Best Friends

The week starts with Julian spending time with his friend/lover Tyra Melander, the bartender.

Tuesday he visits his neighbours the Gerdskärs in his PJs. Herbert is very upset with their other neighbor Christer Gieke, who is flirting with Herbert’s wife Filippa

Julian moves on to visit Christer too in his PJs

Then some time on the phone with Alex (Clintånger) who’s in Uni still

A while ago Julian put in an advertisement for a room mate, and now he has an offer from Regina Rengren, which he accepts. She works as an architects’ apprentice.

Then he invites Ida Bergros over and she accepts.

The doors are unlocked in this building and the nieghbours come and go as they please. Julian likes all the visitors, but sometimes he still wishes to get to know someone new and ends up chatting the night away on the internet.

It’s Wednesday and Regina has moved in, but the funds are low, and the rent has not been paid this week. Will be interesting to see what happens if that continues. At the moment though, Julian doesn’t care, but invites his friends to a party to meet Regina, who he has discovered he has two bolts for.

She is even more attractive than Alex and Tyra.

Nearly every day Julian wishes to visit at least one of his neighbours. Today it’s the Gerdskärs.

When he’s not visiting, he’s on the phone making friends,

Or invite people over

Or chatting with new people on the internet







A new best friend!

And some guitar playing, and then the week is over!

Nice and easy week for Julian. Really don’t know what happened on Friday, but probably he only had BFF wishes, which take too much time for one day. The rent was eventually paid by the end of the week, but nothing really happened while delaying, except that there were reminder from the landlady, threatening to do stuff.

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