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Belladonna Wishes - Week 3 - Clintånger

This is a new Uni lot, founded by Alex Clintånger and her boyfriend Komei André. Marcus Bergros has been moved here after spending week 2 at home with his parents.

Alex Clintånger, Pleasure/Family
Andre Komei, Pleasure/Knowledge
Marcus Bergros, Family/Popularity

Marcus first wish on arrival is that his friend Oskar Bäckström comes to Uni.

Here he comes!

Alex Clintånger, Pleasure/Family
Andre Komei, Pleasure/Knowledge
Marcus Bergros, Family/Popularity
Oskar Bäckström, Grow Up

Marcus’ second wish is that his girlfriend Laura comes to Uni.

Here she comes!

Alex Clintånger, Pleasure/Family
Andre Komei, Pleasure/Knowledge
Marcus Bergros, Family/Popularity
Oskar Bäckström, Grow Up
Laura Widell, Grow Up

After some glitching we can finally start this lot for real. We still have something that’s amiss though, since Oskar and Laura have the Grow-Up aspiration.

Oskar has been a regular in the Bergros house as we can see. He knows all the Bergros kids pretty well.

Alex starts a party

She loves her boyfriend André very much

But that doesn’t stop her from pranking him

Marcus and Laura loves each other very much too, as seen in the background.

Komei is a Pleasure sim, but he still likes skill points

The kids are getting along fine

Marcus, who is a Family sim, likes to keep in touch with his brother Oscar and his sister Ida. They are also at campus but in a different dorm.

Oskar wishes for a womrat and they get one. Have no idea what we named it.

Laura starts writing an alien mystery

All the inhabitants are getting small wishes out of each other and the pace is nice and easy, if a bit boring.

Alex Clintånger, who is apparently called Etsu Cho in the English game, likes to play chess.

And to spend time with her dear Komei

Marcus spends time on the phone with his brother or sister

Then he declares History as his major. Look at that profile, never noticed it was so special before!

Nothing like a good prank to greet your friends!

Oskar loves their little womrat. And Marcus older sister Sofia is visiting.

Then he starts writing a book on all the chaos theortes that lie behind different weather phenomena.

Marcus apparently invited both his sisters and his brother over tonight. Laura greets them. Sofia to the left, then Oscar and Ida. Ida has a pretty special profile too, just like Marcus

Laura and Marcus spend some time together. I think they are going steady just by old habit, since their teens. They have only one bolt and are rarely together.

Komei and Alex on the other hand are together all the time

Marcus arranges another party

And gets a wish in to meet someone new when he talks to the cafeteria worker. Seems she didn’t like the part in Laura’s book where the rocket went down.

Oskar relaxes n front of the TV with Marcus’ sister Sofia

Both Oskar and Alex get a wish in by talking to each other

Laura and Oskar works on their bond

Then the womrat gets a little attention

The SimGodess decides that Laura and Oskar cannot live without proper aspirations, and so the Renewme-Sphere is taken into use.

That results in two new Grilled Cheese sims and some totally new wishes

Cooking, serving and eating Grilled Cheese is now always on the agenda!

Socializing is as always on the agenda

Marcus wishes to play with his parents’ dog, so they are invited over.

While waiting for them, he gets another wish in by cleaning the womrat cage

While Laura serves Grilled Cheese, we see that Oskar finds Marcus’ mother Isabell hot!

Marcus ignores his parents and teaches Dafne to come “Here” and plays with her

Komei takes a break in the dates with Alex to do some painting

But they are soon back to dating

More Grilled Cheese are served.

And we find that we have a development in the attraction dynamics in the house. Oskar and Laura are now three-bolters, thanks to their common interest in Grilled Cheese.

So far they didn’t act on it romantically, though. We’ll see when spring comes…

Marcus is still in love with Laura, but she seems more distant than ever.

Alex changed her hair

We’re not entirely sure it suits her

Komei doesn’t mind!

Party time! Marcus’ brother Oscar has it going with Karina Ottomas

Grilled Cheese FTW! Oskar even gets Oscar to listen

Some skilling

Then back to Grilled Cheese

With spring, ACR and Marcus decides it’s time to reclaim Laura

She doesn’t seem to mind. Even though she has three bolts for Oskar, she never had any romantic wishes regarding him.

Alex and Komei are true to each other

And Oskar serves Grilled Cheese to all the love birds

Uni is usually pretty easy in a 5-wish challenge, but with having this many sims in one lot, some points are missed anyway.

Tags: andré, belladonna wishes, bergros, bäckström, clintånger, widell

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