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Lost on Lake Victoria - Part 2


When the sun is up, Kate is rising. All the inhabitants are miserable after sleeping on the ground. No chance that they will look for their dedicated jobs today! If they can get themselves to continue fishing it must be considered a success.


Locke is really starving – this might be the last picture of him alive, if nothing really exceptional is happening really soon.

It started raining by noon. That cheered the survivors up a bit. Problem is, it was from a very low level.

What smells so good? The fish sizzling, or Charlie?

Night 2 on the island. None of the dedicated jobs were in the newspaper, and none of the survivors would have had the energy to apply for them anyway. Trouble is Sayid is off work tomorrow, so there will be no more money, and no more “found” stuff for two days.


Day 3 - Wednesday

The group is still miserable. Charlie had a mood good enough to look for a ajob, but couldn’t find one. He DID find a Criminal job though, which Sawyer needs to apply for, but he’s dirty and exhausted and has not been able to even look at the newspaper today.

Also the weather is miserable, it has been raining nearly all day, with occasional thunder storms.

Night 3 is another nightmare. Noone has the energy to fish, and nowhere to sleep. The local wolf is digging holes everywhere, messing up nature so that the survivors go nuts with low environmental score. I start to suspect this lot is designed wrongly.

Jack, Sayid and Locke don’t know what to do with themselves. Sawyer finally got a grip on himself and got the Criminal job.



Day 4 – Thursday

This was just the cutest thing! Definitively a glitch, but one I can live with. Sayid sat down in the sofa when Sawyer was already lying there, and now Sawyer sleeps with his head in Sayid’s lap.

This what all pictures are about, and it’s also what’s mostly going on at the island. However, Jack’s dedicated job is in the newspaper today, so we need to get him on his feet and in a mood good enough to apply for it.

The mood of the survivors are continuously dropping. It’s up ta Sayid now to catch them some dinner, or we’ll start having people die on us here. Jack has still not been able to apply for his job, and with the morning the Others are coming...

Day 5 - Friday

“Kate, you are fantastically hot!” Hurley says.
“Well, I just wish I wouldn’t have lost my shoes” Kate answers.
“I’m fantastically hungry!” Charlie shouts.
“OK, I’ll try to catch something out of this poorly designed and way too small pond” Sayid says, puoting.

The first casualty is occuring at 4.26 AM Friday morning. Locke cannot stand the starvation any longer. Hurley and Jack can only watch their friend go down.

Charlie is begging for Locke’s life. “Please, don’t take him! Take me instead!”

“Maybe I will. Pick a hand.”

“Yay! I won!”
“OK, you can have him back, but considering your general state I will visit you all again very soon!”

The draw-back of winning over death, is that the Others are arriving, claiming one of the survivors.

Sawyer and Sayid have the same low aspiration points. Sawyer will have to go, maybe that way we can save his life. He didn't earn us even one simoleon on his criminal job either.


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