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Belladonna Wishes - Week 3 - Clintånger

Last time, the family was stubborn to have a room mate and one nameless girl moved in. The lot was glitched, since Sally doesn’t want to grow up. Alex arranged parties and eventually moved to Uni with her boyfriend Komei. Vivanne spent half her time in the neighbour Christer’s apartment.

Vivanne Rörstedt, Family/Pleasure, LTW Captain Hero
Björn Rörstedt, Knowledge/Popularity, LTW Chief of Staff
Sally Rörstedt, Fortune/Family, LTW Max 7 skills

Sally is in many ways a typical Fortune sim. She wishes to buy stuff and to go to Uni. What is special with her is that she’s got the Knowledge IW as LTW. Therefor she often wishes for skill points

Vivianne, being secondary Pleasure often wishes for dates with her much younger husband.

Björn appreciates the attention.

And the dates are often dream dates.

Sally earns another skill point

Björn grows up to elder, and to the right we see the family’s room mate, who’s name is apparently Sarah.

The dating continues while Sally congratulates the neighbor on his last woohoo?

Just to turn around and be grossed out by her father kissing his wife. Vivianne is not Sally’s mother. Her mother was dead before the game started.

Dream date!

Sally likes to earn her own money

And to spend them

And to talk to random people. But maybe she should have taken a shower before heading downtown

Parents dating

Sally skilling

Then she’s changing her looks so that we can see her very special face properly. She loves it

Looking executive

Look! The room mate gets some attention

Björn takes a break from dating and gets a skill point

Just a brief break

Sally likes going to work

And to earn money

She also likes games

And skill points

Björn gets a creativity point in while Vivianne is too tired to date him

Even two. Vivianne shifted couch to nap on

Sally earns more money

Björn visits the neighbours.

And so does Vivianne

Björn is back to skilling and the neighbours are visiting

Vivianne and Sally spend some time together

Money, money, money!

Then, for the first time, Sally wishes to get friends with someone her own age.

Björn is still skilling

Then it’s finally time for a parental date again

And Sally continues to be social

Björn gets another skill point

And at the end of the week, Sally collects her scolarships and heads off to uni, thereby fulfilling the week-long wish she’s had. She’s moving in with the Bergros kids.

It was a very good week, if a bit repetitive. I don’t know whar happened to Vivianne Saturday. Probably Björn skilled too much so she didn’t get a date in J
Sally was pretty easy most of the time, but with high skill wishes and a constant Uni wish, we didn’t make it every day.

Tags: belladonna wishes, clintånger, rörstedt

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