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Belladonna Wishes - Week 3 - Cederborg

Last time, the incredibly old Arne Cederborg lived on the top of the world. He worked out with swimming in the middle of the night, and entertained at least two mistresses without showing any interest whatsoever in settling down. Just as the week before that!

Arne Cederborg, Popularity/Family, LTW Professional Party Guest

Arne is 104 years old. Must be a record for sure.

That doesn’t stop him from his usual workout routine. First a jog at 4.18 am, in pouring rain.

When he gets back at 6 am, he hits the gym.

Then a swim at 7.09 am, still Monday. After that it’s finally time for breakfast.

Then a study session, and then Monday is over.

Tuesday is a rest day, only the gym at 5.30 am.

And then skilling

Then he remembers that he’s a popularity sim, starting to wish for parties and friends.

First he goes to work, just to get fired from his position of Hall of Famer at age 105. Couldn’t they have retired him instead?

At least he’ll have time for parties and friends now!

It’s a nice party

Wednesday starts with the gym, swimming and skilling, all before sunrise

Then it’s time for a party and pulling a prank on Linn

Thursday- gym, jogging and swimming before 5.30.

Then skilling and inviting Linn over again.

Friday, 108 days old, Arne really sleeps in and doesn’t hit the gym until 7.25 in the morning

By 9 am, he’s done with the swimming and jogging too.

Then it’s time for a sports party. By some reason, only three guests are allowed and Arne invites all his lovers. Jessica, the blond, has gotten married and had a baby since Arne’s last week.

The one that he wishes most for is Linn, the land lady in almost every apartment building in Belladonna.

Later that night, after Arne’s 109th birthday, the Grim Reaper comes for him. Arne welcomes him as a friend

And in this party house, not even Grim can leave without a drink, can he?

And that’s the end of the line for Arne Cederborg, longest living sim ever.

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