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Belladonna Wishes - Week 3 - Carhagen

Last time, Maria spent a lot of time with the neighbours. Calle grew up to adult without going to Uni. Instead he partied. Bruno and Maria grew up to elders. A butler was hired. Calle and Gabriella got married. Life revolved around Grilled Cheese. Little Maria was born

Bruno Carhagen, Fortune/Grilled Cheese
Maria Carhagen, Fortune/Popularity
Calle Carhagen, Popularity/Family
Gabriella Carhagen, Popularity/Grilled Cheese
Maria Carhagen, baby

Grilled cheese sims are so easy to play in a 5-wishes challenge. Bruno cooks up a plate of GC – 1p, Eat one bite of the GC – 1p, another bite – 1p, another bite – 1p, another bite – 1p. The day’s wishes are fulfilled J

The two Mrs Carhagen, Maria and Gabriella, are bonding

Calle bonds with baby Maria

Then he arranges a party

The party activities involve Calle dancing and playing with his mother Maria

The young parents, Calle and Gabriella find time for a home date

Maria entertains herself

Calle is a bit too close to his mother in the SimGodess’ opinion. They spend a lot of time together, which is nice in a way, but Calle also has a wife and a daughter that are a bit neglected.

The interaction between Calle and Gabriella is initiated by her.

Luckily for her wellbeing, Gabriella too is a secondary GC sim.

Bruno takes advantage of that too.


Second take – birthday!

Here we go!

Little Maria bonds with her granny Maria

And in a very awkward position, Gabriella teaches Maria to go potty

Calle and Gabriella discuss Grilled Cheese

Then they make a joint effort to sort out the filthy bathroom

They don’t quite make it to the toilet before they decide it’s time for a date instead.

Bruno eats Grilled cheese all the time.

Sometimes Gabriella joins him.

Little Maria gets a lot of attention

But some time soon she’ll have some competition. Gabriella is pregnant

Bruno gets a wish from a skill point!

And Maria from the syntheziser

Calle gets a body point from the ballet bar

And little Maria gets a logic point from the block toy

Gabriella gets a big boost when she becomes best friends with Gilbert Rosdahl

And then she wants to meet a new sim

And she arranges a party. A real Popularity sim for once!

Granny Maria is very happy to become friends with her daughter-in-law

Calle actually went to work today, and then he invited a friend over.

Maria invites Abbe over and they have a great time

Gabriella also likes Abbe. He accepts discussions about Grilled Cheese!

Calle teaches Maria to talk

Then they play around

And it’s mummy’s turn

Then it’s Maria’s birthday

Just in time for the next baby! It’s a boy and he gets the name Bruno after his grandfather.

Then back to the Grilled Cheese

Little Maria likes skipping rope and getting body points from that

Gabriella and Calle take turns on the violin

Calle even gets a wish from fixing the broken faucet on the tub

Maria becomes BFFs with someone and here we can clearly see what she looks like. She inherited her grandmother’s very thin nose.

Back to the Grilled Cheese, even though what they would really need is to clean up the bottles!

No wish point, but part of the story – Bruno got demoted due to bad performance. That hasn’t happened in j68’s hoods for a long time!

Then he falls asleep in his Grilled cheese sandwich.

Little Maria skips

And becomes best friends with her grandfather

Then it’s little Bruno’s birthday

And there we end this update

It was a pretty decent score for all in the family, even though it could have been better for Bruno Sr. He was in a really bad mood around the time when he got demoted and lost a few days wishes. Little Bruno grew up just before the end of the week, so he got only one wish in.

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