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Belladonna Wishes - Week 3 - Blyger

Last time, a pool was built. Friends were invited. New stuff was bought. Sven wanted to work but wanted to quit. Marita and Martin were born and grew up to toddlers, and everyone fulfilled toddler wishes. A guinea pig was bought. The parents were promoted. Before the end of the round, Marita and Martin grew up to children.

Marita Blyger, Knowledge/Fortune
Sven Blyger, Family/Pleasure
Sven Blyger Jr, child
Marita Blyger Jr, child
Martin Blyger, child

The name Blyger measn “shy”, but Marita and Sven aren’t really… Big boost though!

Sven Jr is happy that his sister buys his lemonade before it freezes over. The only other live being around is a stray cat.

Sven doesn’t care that it’s the dead of winter outside, he loves swimming anyway!

The rest of the family takes turns playing with the guinea pig.

Except Marita, who plays a computer game.

The children bond with each other

The two Maritas play outside

While Sven serves dinner

In the midst of it all, Sven Jr grows up to become a Knowledge teen with an LTW to become a Space Pirate.

“Can you believe we have such a big boy?” A date is in order.

A smelly but nice date it is.

Sven Jr likes fitness also as a teen.

He decides to make use of that and accepts a job as a Paintball Instructor in the Military career.

The Maritas play again and in the background Sven is greeting the headmaster

When Sven takes his bath that evening, it’s clear that he and his sister Marita are accepted in private school. Martin’s grades are too bad to grant him admission.

Then Sven is back on the trainer.

But he also spends time with his sister.

Martin plays with the guinea pig

But also him gets some outdoor playtime with his mother.

Sven dreams of Uni, scolarhips and skills

So he starts with cleaning the guinea pig cage

Then he holds a homework session with his siblings

Martin likes it

Then he becomes BFs with an Ottomas kid

The parents date

Sven skills

Marita plays with the guinea pig

Marita gets help from Marita to do her homework, and she’s happy when they’re done.

As a reward, she’s allowed to play some games

Even Martin has done some homework

And his reward is to talk to a friend over the phone

Sven’s constant exercising amuses his little sister

The other brother is interested in fitness too.

The endless winter seems to be coming to an end at last. It’s visible in the light.

Even though swimming outside seems a bit premature

While out there Marita spotted some cockroaches, so she gets a wish in by calling in a bug exterminator.

Sven skills and skills. J68 wishes he would wish for a cleaning point

His skilling pays off when he gets promoted to Private in the Military career and by that qualifies for the Young Entrepreneur scholarship that he has desired for so long.

That makes Marita happy, too, since she has wished for Sven to get a scholarship

She’s also happy to now be able to count Katja Smeds to her best friends

Sven Sr is still here. His days usually consist of video games…

…cooking dinner…

…playing with the guinea pig…

…and discussing hobbies with his friends

Martin also likes the guinea pig.

The adults like each other

Sven Jr likes to skill still

Marita Jr likes to play games

And to earn money from selling lemonade

At last the spring is here and the snow decreases. At the same time, the love in the air increases

And at last Sven Sr have a new wish – to work in the garden!

Life goes on

Marita becomes friends with Desiree Odelberg

Martin makes friends too

The parents have a great spring

They even find some time for skilling

And the kids continue to spend time with friends

Sven is happy to qualify for the Body scholarship

He celebrates with an all-in date with a girl named Margareta

Sven Sr is happy to become BFF with Ingrid Arnborg. Not sure if she’s related to Sven Jrs girlfriend.

Then it’s time for birthdays

Martin grows up to a Romance sim and Marita to a Popularity sim. And there we leave the family for this time.

It was a decent week for all in the household, even though Martin was a bit tricky to keep on track. Sven Jr will be at home for another week before he starts Uni, which he has wished for since he became a teen.

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