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Lost on Lake Victoria - Part 1


Since I never watched the Lost show, but liked this challenge anyway, I’m going with my own looks of the survivors.

Here they are:

Charlie – Popularity – Pisces, with a dedicated job in Music. He looks like a really bad and interesting man. Yum!

Hurley – Pleasure – Cancer, with a future job in Culinary. He looks like a Mama’s boy. Many other simmers may prefer him before Charlie, but I disagree.

Jack – Knowledge – Aries – expecting a career in Medicin. He sure looks like a convict.

Kate – Romance – Taurus – destined to be an Adventurer. She looks more playful than romantic, but we’ll see.

Locke – Knowledge – Aries – will become an Adventurer. It’s kind of funny that this knowledge sim looks like a romancer.

Sawyer – Fortune – Taurus – aspiring to a job in Crime. He’s our fashion slave. Or not.

Sayid – Knowledge- Pisces. He’s looking for a military job. He sure looks majestic against the tropical sky.

And last, but not least - Sun – Knowledge-Pisces – wishing for a job in Education.



Day 1 – Monday


The only one able to get a job on Day 1 is Sayid, he’s starting his Military Career. The others (not THE Others) are busy fishing. Sawyer succeeds the best.

Kate is climbing the hill top, overviewing the new realms. And she sees that it’s good.

Sayid starts the garden right away. Luckily he found some fertilizer in the hatch.

By nightfall of the first day, the lack of proper hygienic facilities (toilet) becomes very obvious. My strategy was that since they couldn’t afford walls, noone would use the toilet anyway, better to invest in a sink.


Day 2 - Tuesday


The Others are here! Jack, Locke, Sawyer, Sayid and Sun all have 0 points. The die has to choose for the Others. 5 – it’s Sun who’s leaving us

“As long as they’ve got a shower and a bed, I don’t care where I’m going” Sun says.

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