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Belladonna Wishes - Week 3 - Bergros

Last time, Sofia lived in her parents’ apartment. Now she’s on her own. We missed the startup screen so we go straight to the events.

Sofia Bergros, Family, LTW 6 grandchildren
Couch, the dog


Steve is terrified for the wedding Sofia arranged. Will he bail out?!


In the end Steve accepts the ring and he moves in with Sofia.
Steve Bergros, Knowledge, LTW Hall of Famer

Pillow fighting at weddings is always appreciated.

The young couple are very much in love and Steve is ready to start a family!

The newlyweds find most wishes in each other

But after a while, Steve remembers his own interests and his friends.

Sofia is pregnant and takes it easy with different kinds of games

The young couple are dating a lot during Sofia’s pregnancy

Otherwise Steve is a Knowledge sim and wishes for skill points

Sofia is a gamer.

She had a wish to play with her parents’ dog Dafne, so she invited them all over

And then she got another wish playing with her own dog.

Baby time! It’s twin boys and they get the names Benjamin after their grandfather and Steve (Jr) after their father. The parents are both very happy.

After the birth of the boys, order is restored.

The difference that can be noticed is that the wishes revolve around the babies instead of the dog.

Steve is back to his skills

Then the boys grow up with wishes of their own

And Sofia both wishes and fears another baby.

The best thing though is to enjoy the kids you already have!

And the young parents do, nearly as much as they enjoy each other.

With the young ones it’s hard to keep everybody on top of their wishes, so the score was so-so. But Sofia had a great week!

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