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Belladonna Wishes - Week 3 - Bergros

Last time, the dogs Couch and Sofa were adopted. A bird was bought. Ginger the cat was adopted. Oscar grew up to Fortune/Knowledge and Ida to Pleasure/Grilled Cheese. A lot of dating was going on, both between the parents and for the teens. The animals were neglected. Sofia grew up to adult and got engaged to her high school sweetheart Steve. Sofia moved out and brought with her the dog Couch.

Benjamin Bergros, Popularity/Fortune
Isabelle Bergros, Family/Pleasure
Marcus Bergros, Family/Popularity
Oscar Bergros, Fortune/Knowledge
Ida Bergros, Pleasure/Grilled Cheese
Dafne and Sofa, dogs
Ginger, cat

Marcus shows his secondary Popularity aspiration and gets a big wish when he becomes friends with Karina Ottomas. More importantly, he suddenly wishes to go to Uni, and since he’s just a few days away from adulthood, he better hurry up! His week will be played for real in Uni.

While Marcus calls to leave for Uni, Benjamin gets a wish by talking to Ida.

Benjamin and Ida gets quite some wishes out of each other, while the animals skunks around, hoping for someone to remember to feed them.

Oscar wishes for skill points

A new parrot is bought.

Isabelle works nights and are home alone during the day. She spends her time sewing

Taking care of the animals

And entertaining herself in a Pleasure sim way.

Ida brings home an Ottomas kid from school

And she plays with the new bird

Oscar plays chess…

Benjamin works together with Kim Djurstöm and he invited her over after work. They become friends.

Isabelle plays with Dafne while Kim empties the bar.

Family sims are good with taking care of animals.

Benjamin relaxes with some computer games

Isabelle relaxes with a bubble bath. J68 wishes someone would wish for a cleaning point…

Then she wishes to win a cooking competition. She competes with a lovely plate of salmon. Her son-in-law-to-be Steve is competing against her, the guy to the right in gym wear. He’s engaged to Isabell’s daughter Sofia.

Isabell wins!

Back home, Oscar’s secondary Knowledge shines through.

Even the cat wonders how long he can study one book!

Ida is more social.

And she loves Grilled Cheese!

Finally someone wants to clean!

Then back to the books

Benjamin is social too.

And sometimes he wishes for skill points

Isabell gets most her wishes from the animals

And Oscar from skills

Benjamin likes to  meet new people

Ida is social again

And Isabell makes sure Ginger will pull her own weight through a job of her own

And now when the cat will make some money Isabell quits her job. She is old enough to retire, but her wish is to quit, and since this is a wish-driven society, so be it.

Now she can spend all day playing computer games

Ida serves Grilled Cheese sandwiches and loves it when someone eats them

The parrot is dead again so a new one is bought and named Missy

Ida likes Missy

Oscar likes skilling

Benjamin and Isabell both like sewing

Apart from that you might think she’s a full Pleasure sim, but it’s only her secondary aspiration

Computer games, TV series, foam baths, at least once a day!

Ida’s secondary aspiration is Grilled cheese, which her mother hates to talk about, but her father and brother accepts GC conversations.

Ida wishes for a date and even though the guy says no she gets her wish point.

Oscar studies

Isabell takes care of the animals

Benjamin skills

Isabell is back in the tub. She wishes for a relative to get married. It will happen on the next lot, when we play Sofia, the eldest daughter of Benjamin and Isabell.

Grilled cheese time!

Benjamin invites some company

Ida has found a friend to discuss Grilled Cheese with

Then she plays with the bird

Benjamin spends time with his friend Kim and skills at the same time

Oscar has wished to go to Uni all week and soon it is time. He earns some money by giving financial advice over the internet.

Benjamin is back at the sewing machine

Isabell is back to the animals

And in the tub

Ida wants a party

It’s a great party

Then we have a date

It’s a great date

Then it’s Ida’s turn. She changed her hair



And as a last note – Oscar’s first date ever!
Next time, Oscar and Ida will be in Uni.

Isabell was very easy this time with her constant small Pleasure wishes. Oscar was hardest when he had his hardcore high level skill wishes. He will have a great time in Uni.
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