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Belladonna Wishes - Week 2 - Wipper

Last time, Kuno wished for friends and later to get married to Sigid Backman, which he did. Sigrid got pregnant but lost the baby

Kuno Wipper, Romance
Sigrid Wipper, Romance

Did we mention that this is a Romance household?

Even though Sigrid rolls a secondary Family aspiration

And just in time too!

Kuno behaves like half Romancer, half Popularity, but he doesn’t have a secondary aspiration yet.

A lot of flirting going on in this house

But Sigrid’s Family secondary shines through when she wishes for a cat and a baby.

Kuno is terrible and wishes to fall in love with Priya Ramaswami

Cooking and eating is quite frequent wishes too, if not cleaning…

Kuno gets his wish with Priya

But he’s soon done with that and continues to flirt with his wife.

They have a great time

Then it’s babytime. It’s a girl who gets the name Sigrid after her mother. Question is where she got the black hair from!

The new mother longs to meet people outside the family

And Kuno is dating outside the marriage

Little Sigrid becomes a toddler

Marital bliss!

Soon Kuno is straying again

Sigrid comes home unexpectedly since she got fired

And she’s not pleased!

She might as well stray herself, and decides to invite BJ over for a date

And Kuno has the nerve to have an opinion!

Sigrid concentrates on her daughter for a while

Kuno goes all the way with Carina, the worst seduceress in the neighbourhood

Little Sigrid gets some attention

But then big Sigrid decides she needs some action herself. And there the week is over

The score for the adults is great, and it bettered up for the baby in the end. Let’s see who will be the father of the next kid…

Tags: belladonna wishes, wipper

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