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Belladonna Wishes - Week 2 - Rehnström

Last time Abbe dated different girls but eventually settled down and married his girlfriend Emelie Vaj, despite him being a Romancer. Alfie has a steady girlfriend, Lovisa Cegerblad, but never wished to marry her, despite him being Fortune.

Abbe Rehnström, Romance
Alfie Westlinger, Fortune
Emelie Rehnström, Family

Alfie gets a secondary aspiration of Pleasure and probably will be even less inclined to ever get married. If that is possible.

The upside is that he will be easily entertained with for example video games.

His girlfriend Lovisa helped him in his career to become a Business Tycoon, and he gets 500 points. Ungrateful b*stard

Abbe invites someone over

And chats with someone else

Emelie is the perfect Family wife and serves comfort soup.

But she has to put it on the floor to pop. She’s pregnant!

Better eat that soup quickly!

Abbe is not much of a Romancer

But Emelie sure is a Family girl

She gets a lot of wishes, if not points, from interaction with her husband

Alfie meets Lovisa, his girlfriend now and again, but there’s no passion between them

There SHOULD be two bolts of sparks between them, but instead he convinces her to pour soap in the fountain and other mature stuff. And poor Lovisa does whatever he says.

If he’s not convincing Lovisa to do his pranks, Alfie does them himself.

But Abbe and Alfie are also good friends

Emelie wishes for little less than Abbe

Abbe wishes for music

Then it’s babytime

Emelie gets a big wish in when baby Valter is born. He’s got his father’s colours – red hair and green eyes. He’s named after Abbe’s father.

Family sims like buying baby stuff

Alfie is a game addict

Abbe is a virtuoso

Alfie spends some time playing with Lovisa

Abbe and Emelie get secondary aspirations, Popularity and Fortune respectively

For being a Master Chef, Emelie sure makes bad burgers. And no one ever cleans the dishes

There’s a lot of interaction going on between the spouses

We might even expect another baby soon

Alfie and Lovisa are also dating and Lovisa desperately wishes for Alfie to pop the question

But he’s like a teenager, wishes for game enthusiasm and money and dinner out, even during the date.

The date is rated Good, but personally I consider this a failure. Alfie and Lovisa are obviously not in the same place in their lives.

Now – Valter’s birthday!

Here we go! Ooops, we have no ceilings

During the party Abbe flirts with his mistress Carina. Emelie is not amused.

She decides to live her own life and accepts a job in the Law Enforcement career.

She spends time with Valter.

And with Alfie. They hardly know each other even though they live in the same house. Emelie would love to have another baby, but it’s out of the question at the moment. Unless she approaches her lover who we have forgot – who is he?

Valter is not affected by the bad vibes in the house, but develops well.

Emelie reads up on fire protection

Abbe thinks that since he’s not getting any at home anyway, he might as well take the opportunity to date someone else

So he invites common Romancer Ann-Catrin Pilrud to the Dance lot.

Even if he has a good time with Ann-Catrin, he wishes to make up with Emelie and be friends with her again.

Emelie spends her time with Valter and continues to wish for another baby.

Alfie continues to be a hopeless teenage gamer.

And the week ends without any solution to the marriage crisis. Abbe and Emelie still don’t talk to each other.

It was a quite interesting week, but the strangest thing is Alfie’s teen behavior. By experience, Fortune sims are usually wishing to get married when they have a good job, but he really has no such wishes whatsoever.

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