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Belladonna Wishes - Week 2 - Ramirez

Last time, Tessa grew up to a Knowledge teen and skilled. Checo worked for promotions. Lisa skilled. It was boring.

Checo Ramirez, Fortune, LTW Business Tycoon
Lisa Ramirez, Knowledge, LTW Chief of Staff
Tessa Ramirez, Knowledge, LTW Criminal Mastermind

With a secondary Romance sim, might we dare hope for some more action in this house?

Well, at least we get some more marital love!

We also have a Knowledge teen in the house. She wishes for all Knowledge related things, and some small wishes to talk or play with someone.

First things first – the headmaster is invited. He’s impressed.

And he is happy to inform the sleeping parents of his decision to accept Tessa in his school.

Tessa prepares for her new school and for life as a whole

And her parents are flirting day and night

Then Lisa wishes to win a food competition. She cooks her famous salmon, but the competition is really hard!

None of the contestants feel safe

In the end Lisa wins! She has never looked this happy ever!

She celebrates with flirting with her husband

Tessa continues to skill while the snow falls in front of the camera

When the snow stops during the night, Checo gets a point in Logic

In the morning the snowfall continues and Tessa gets a snowday. She spends it with the accidental neighbourhood stud Oscar Bergros. All girls (and some boys) want him, but he’s not even a Romancer.

Then the day continues with skilling and playing video games.

Lisa likes cooking

And Checo likes money.

Apart from that, history repeats itself. The parents dating and Tessa skilling. It’s a wonder Lisa is not pregnant.

Aaand.. repeat!

While the parents date – again! Tessa maxes her Culinary enthusiasm.

Then she finishes her homework while Lisa plays a computer game.

And back to our ordinary program

To earn some more money, Checo needs to have more Logic points. It’s cold work to achieve that in the early spring days.

Spring also triggers a date wish in Tessa, but it’s apparently a failure. There is not one picture from the date itself. Too bad she emptied the family funds for that!

The love between the parents is still strong

But now, Checo needs more friends to get promoted, so he spends Sunday morning on the phone.

Tessa serves lunch

And then she’s off to win a food contest. Her chili really impresses the judge and the other contestants are very disappointed.

Then the week is over and Tessa is shipped off to Uni where we will see her next week. She is moved in with another Knowledge girl – Tove Djurström

The score for the parents couldn’t have been better, but Tessa being a Knowledge sim… They are hard work in a 5-wishes challenge!

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