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Belladonna Wishes - Week 2 - Pilrud

Last time, Casper threw parties. Ann-Catrin played chess and grew up to a perfectly bisexual Romancer. Carl-Anton grew up to toddler and then child and wished for nothing but kittens and puppies. Anna spent time with the family and the animals. The dog Maggan died.

Casper Pilrud, Popularity, LTW Celebrity Chef
Anna Pilrud, Family, LTW 6 grandchildren
Ann-Catrin Pilrud, Romance teen, LTW Hall of Famer
Carl-Anton Pilrud, child
Alpha, the cat
Brutus, the kitten
Canasta, the kitten
Delilah, the kitten

With four cats peeing on the sidewalk, it’s very convenient to have a kid that wishes a skill point

The Family mother Anna gets her skill points in interacting with family members

Father Casper likes games even if he has to play against himself

But he also likes the cats.

Ann-Catrin likes the chess board too. A pity that she doesn't have the wish at the same time as her father, could have been a more rewarding game.

But spring is here and a Romancer needs romance. She invites her number one attraction, Göte Nyman, for a date.

Usual date ensues.

Then playtime for Anna and Carl-Anton

The animals in this house get a lot of attention

There’s also some dancing

And Casper wants the cats to earn their living

Then he throws a party

It’s a roof lifter party and Ann-Catrin also has a great time

Anna wishes for a child and we try to fulfil that wish at least once or twice a day. So far no luck.

Instead she concentrates on the animals.

A guinea pig and four cats are not enough, so a bird is bought and named Millenium Falcon

It’s a great success

Ann-Catrin gets wishes from cleaning and meeting new people on the internet

Casper gets his by throwing parties in his pyjamas

Anna likes the animals and is still not pregnant. The cats have grown up, except from Delilah who’s still a kitten. Someone should really clean up this place!

As you might remember, Ann-Catrin is very bisexual and has found a new love interest. She has been seen in other company before in Belladonna but right now her name escapes me.

But since she wishes to become BFF with Göte, she waits with introducing someone else on the scene right now

Animals and children for Anna

Parties and friends for Casper

Dating for Ann-Catrin

Homework and playing for Carl-Anton

Then birthday. Carl-Anton grows up well to a Pleasure teen

Anna gets a big boost by becoming BFs with this guy. She’s still not pregnant, and soon it’ll be too late.

Ann-Catrin makes herself useful. It has been decided that she will be allowed to attend Uni. She has wished for it all week and when she still wishes it on Friday, the wish is locked.

Ann-Catrin has now become BFFs with Göte and makes a move on the hot redhead, who we now see is named Helena

She takes it easy though and takes care of other wishes in between

Carl-Anton finds Helena hot too and asks her for a date. He is all flushed by being in her presence. Or from the hot summer weather.

Then he continues to expose himself to heat with the bubble blower.

Another party for Casper

Ann-Catrin has a random wish for fishing

But that is soon overshadowed by her desire for Helena

Anna gets a big boost by arriving home from work

Both Anna and Casper has had a good week and claims secondary aspirations of Knowledge and Fortune respectively.

Carl-Anton has found his love for the creative arts and plays the guitar night and day.

Ann-Catrin is still obsessed with Helena, but Helena is not so much into her.

Anna is obsessed with the cats, which is as well since she’s now too old to have any more babies.

Casper is behaving like a regular Popularity sim and wishes for best friends

A lot of best friends!

Ann-Catrin is only a teen, but she has lived her life fully so far, and apparently intend to do so, since she’s claiming a secondary Pleasure aspiration

Since it has been decided that she’s attending Uni, she applies for available scolarships and gets money for grades, charisma, logic, creativity and dance. Good job!

Here she goes! We don’t have pictures, but she moves in together with Fabian Pohlman. When entering the lot, HE wishes that Helena moves in, since he’s going steady with her. So she’s moved in. That will be very interesting for the next round J

The score is ok. For five wishes you should always have Romancers, they are very easy to keep satisfied.

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