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Belladonna Wishes - Week 2 - Picaso

Last time Jessica Junior was born after many tries. Jessica tried to become friends with Greta Nyman. Mats hosted pillow fighting parties.

Jessica Picaso, Family, LTW Golden Anniversary
Mats Picaso, Popularity, LTW Hall of Famer
Jessica Picaso, toddler

It’s becoming the classical Belladonna combination – Family/Romance

The Picaso family are sick and poor, but happy in their new house.

And it was really a good thing that they moved to a bigger house, since they are getting TWINS!

It’s boys that look exactly the same.

They get named Mats, after Mats, and Calle, after Mats's best friend

A new crib fulfills a wish.

After the delivery of the twins, the welcome wagon arrives. Jesica is happy to meet some new people.

Jessica Jr is happy to learn to walk and to play with her father.

Mats is also happy to meet the neighbours.

Jessica is happy to learn baby language or child rearing or whatever that book might be called.

Then she fulfills a couple of Jessica Jr’s wishes.

Birthday! Jessica grows up well and gets a wish in.

She’s a social little girl, but she also makes herself useful by cleaning the filthy bathroom.

Many of the sims families are really quite slobby, which is not usually noted in my game, since maids are almost standard. Not here though, no maid until someone wishes for it. And they rarely do... Probably they don’t care about the filth as the poor SimGodess does.

Preparations are ongoing for the next set of birthdays

Spock baby, with pointy ears and all!! J68 gets a flashback to Birka, where Jessica in another incarnation reared 11 Spock babies with Cyrus Colorado. Or at least 8, since there were some adopted kids in the end.

The other brother has Mats’ extremely round ears instead. Variety is a good thing for sure, and since we don’t get that in colours here, at least in ear shapes.

The parents try to reconnect, when we get a warning that we’re not feeding the kids enough. Mats and Jessica find that hilarious.
“Let them eat cake!”

They both shape up eventually and feed and teach the kids. Order is restored.


And then parents’ time again. Cleaning and personal hygiene is still low priority.

And so is the children’s wellfare

Jessica is happy though and gets promoted in her Military career.

And amongst the chaos, the twins thrive. It’s Mats Jr that has the pointy ears by the way.

Social interactions are always prioritized over cleaning.

Despite his good mood, Mats is demoted due to a bad chance card

Jessica Jr is developing a keen interest in film&Literature

But she also likes to do her homework.

Jessica skills and socializes

Mats arranges a party. It’s time for birthdays again

Mats Jr


The parents celebrate by trying for another baby

And our darling Jessica makes the SimGodess happy by wishing for skill points

As a reward she’s allowed to watch a movie

Then she spends some time with her brother Calle

He is also moving up on the favouritism ladder!

And Mats doesn’t want to be left out, so he makes an effort too. That’s great, maybe we can straighten this mess out together, kids!

Unfortunately the bottles don’t give any cleaning skill, though they should!

A lemonade stand and a bar are wished for and bought.

Party time!

Mats socializes without taking a shower

And Jessica Jr continues to deliver

And is yet again rewarded with a movie

Then she sells lemonade to her mother

Jessica is pregnant for sure!

It’s babytime and it’s twins again!

It’s boys again! They look the same as the other kids with brown hair and brown eyes. They are named after the family friends Georg and Abbe.

Now Jessica wishes for 10 kids. Halfway there and halfway through her adulthood, it could work, but we’ll see… She’s happy to meet the new nanny though, even if it doesn’t look like that.

She should be happy for the new nanny who seems to take good care of the kids.

Calle sold Jessica some suspiscious looking lemonade

It was not a good idea to drink it! Mats is fully occupied with jumping in the bath tub puddles, so he doesn’t care that his sister is throwing up at arms length.

Then he continues jumping, but rope this time.

And he makes some new lemonade for his mother.

Then for some intense dating and a new warning that we’re not feeding the kids enough.

Regardless, Mats acquires a secondary aspiration of Romance, which will probably mean even more dating and even more neglected kids.

So we leave you with an illustration of what it usually looks like here – chaos! See you next time!

A very uneven result, generally increasing towards the end of the week. It was complete mayhem, even worse than the pictures show. Happy that it’s over ;)

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