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Belladonna Wishes - Week 2 - Pettersson

Last time, Jessica couldn’t decide between her two boyfriends so she started a third relationship. The rest of the time she played the guitar

Jessica Pettersson, Fortune

We start off with Jessica shopping clothes at 6am. Very serviceminded by the store to be open at such an hour.
We also see that she wishes for a date and to talk to her neighbour Glenn Dimander.

Glenn is one of the boyfriends from last round and he lives in the next trailer.

The date goes fine and we see that Glenn is a Family man.

The date goes very fine and they both end up wishing to get married. To each other, fortunately. Glenn moves in with 2000§.

He starts with claiming a secondary aspiration of Pleasure

J68 is sick of the cramped trailer and moves the couple to a bigger apartment.

Well there, things are set into motion. Jessica asks Glenn to marry her. He accepts naturally.

A wedding is promptly aranged

The wedding party is not much to write home about. The groom withdraws to the courtyard to do some reading.

Then he becomes friends with Arne Cederborg, which can prove awkward in the future, since Jessica has a past with Arne and never ended it properly

Wonder what Jessica did with the clothes she bought? She sure not uses them

The newlyweds are not spending a lot of time together.

Jessica more or less continues to live the same life she did when she was single. She gets promoted to Runaway Driver

That gives her enough aspiration points to claim a secondary aspiration of Grilled Cheese.

Then it’s back to the guitar. She aims to max her Music enthusiasm.

Glenn works in the Culinary career and was promoted to drive-through clerk. He doesn’t care about that though, he likes to juggle.

And to flirt with his wife. Look – new clothes!

Dating combined with feeding the neighbours Grilled Cheese, it’s great!

Neighbour to neighbour: ”That guy sure has a magnificent pocket rocket!”

Some buy-wishes are fulfilled

And some dating

The dating has some effects. It will however be Jessica’s only pregnancy, since she’s like five days from elder.

The soon-to-be-father is very domestic, earning a point by cleaning

And another by juggling.

Jessica eats for two

While Glenn gets a wish by uclogging the toilet


It’s a boy with his father’s colours. He gets the name Jens after Jessica’s father. Glenn doesn’t have any family.

They celebrate with a juggle and a plate of Grilled Cheese

Then it’s back to work for a promotion to Courier

Glenn is the perfect daddy

And Jessica is back to her normal self.

Well, all in all it was a successful week, but pretty boring. Next time Jessica will become an elder even though Jens is not even a toddler yet.

Tags: belladonna wishes, dimander, pettersson

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