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Belladonna Wishes - Week 2 - Ottomas

Last time, David lived at home with his parents, grandmother and brothers and sister. Now he’s all alone in Uni.

David Ottomas, Popularity, LTW Rock God

David starts off calmly with a logic point with the help of the chess board.

Then he decides he’s a secondary Romancer. Possibly he spent too much time with his parents.

It doesn’t change his wish patterns immediately though

He invites a girl he just met for a date

It’s the start of a whirlwind romance between David and Sigrid as her name is.

It’s a dream date!

After that follows outings and parties as pearls on a string

Sigrid is always there, and sometimes even David’s family

Before we know it, David’s first semester is over and he REALLY wishes to woohoo Sigrid.

After that double wish, he manages the finals with flying colours!

Then follows a calmer period when David catches up on his needed skills and with his male friends.

When he wishes to go back to dating, Sigrid is unavailable. Maybe she’s in class, or at work, we don’t even know what she does for a living. Or maybe she has made herself unavailable??

David distracts himself with his games.

Close to the end of his second semester, David and Sigrid reconnects.

This time they take it slow

David also makes sure he doesn’t forget his other friends. He seems a bit twisted though, wishing to kiss crossed-out-bolter Emilie who’s on the phone, when two-bolter Sigrid is right there behind him on the sofa.

David, you are really taking this ”take it slow” a bit too far!

And we finish this instalment with a cliff hanger. Who is David really inviting for a date after he passed his exams of his freshman year?? We will probably not know for at least one RL year…




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Dec. 27th, 2015 08:04 pm (UTC)
Good job :) The cliffhanger really makes me wonder if he's going go follow in his father's cheating footsteps ;) Though it doesn't sound like he and Sigrid have anything committed between them.
Dec. 29th, 2015 04:20 pm (UTC)
The cliffhanger is mostly because I didn't have any more picture, so I don't remember who he called :)
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