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Belladonna Wishes - Week 2 - Ottomas

Last time the family struggled to make friends and earn skills. Peter and Arne were born and grew up to toddlers and then children. Karina became a Pleasure teen. Dora died and nobody cared.

Peter Ottomas, Romance, LTW Hall of Famer
Samanta Ottomas, Family, LTW Captain Hero
Karina Ottomas, Pleasure, LTW Game Designer
Tommy Ottomas, child
Peter Ottomas, child
Arne Ottomas, child

We start off with Peter becoming a secondary Fortune sim and Samanta becoming a secondary Romance sim. Family/Romance is always an exciting combination…

There are no babies in this house anymore, but since no one is a neatfreak it will take a while before all bottles are gone. Peter gets a wish by talking to someone

Peter Jr becomes best friends with his mother, and at least one of them got a wish from that.

Talking gets a lot of wishes done

Peter wants more though, and when his wife is at work he invites someone else for a date.

It’s Priya Ramaswami, who is married too.

So as soon as he has his five wishes, the date is cut short.

As soon as Karina comes home from school with Oscar Bergros, she asks him for a date

And we have some rapid progress.

It’s a great date! Pleasure sims are easy that way.

There are too many sims in this house to keep track of everyone, so we try to concentrate on one at a time. Tommy gets some wishes by talking to his brother and playing chess by himself.

Skipping rope and interaction with other sims is the recepie we try to follow to get as many wishes as possible. Tommy is still at the chessboard

Samanta likes to call David, her oldest son, in Uni and talk to him once in awhile.

But she also likes to spend time with her only daughter.

A new acquaintance also gives her a boost.

Tommy is becoming a little professor

Karina continues to be a typical Pleasure sim

Peter likes to meet new people

Arne brings home friends from school

And when they leave, he skips rope.

The boys wished for a kitten and they get very happy when Mårran arrives to the house

Peter flirts with his work mate Regina

For the rest of the family wish progress is slow

Another date with Regina

The daters are easy to keep happy

But the boys are slow

Samanta and Peter even date each other sometimes.

Then it’s Tommy’s birthday

He gets a wish in for growing up well, and follows in his parents’ footsteps by choosing the Romance aspiration.

Samanta immediately behaves like a Family mother and wishes for Tommy to b e an overacheiver and to have another baby. Apart from wanting to teach Peter Jr how to study.

Tommy wants to meet new people, get his first kiss and flirt, apart from getting friends with his childhood playmate Barbara.

Karina gets a point from cleaning. Apart from that she’s social and playful

Peter wants to date Regina again.

But as soon as she gets there he wishes to fall in love with Priya instead.

And for the first time, Samanta realizes that Peter is cheating on her!

And Peter seizes the opportunity to go all in, now when he's in trouble anyway

For the other sims in the house, life continues as usual, with skilling, skipping and a new pastime – snow angels!

Samanta, being a teacher herself, teaches her youngest boys to study

And she gets some comfort from her middle child

Peter chases new prey, even if Regina stands right next to him

Come spring, Karina dates her boyfriend Oscar.

And they decide to go adult with it.

Despite the efforts with the homework, Arne is failing in school. Good that the weekend is coming up so that they can get it straightened out

For the Friday night party, David is invited and Karina spends some time with him

And Tommy dates the paper girl, wherever he met her

Samanta spends time with Desirée who she want to be friends with, and ignores Peter’s lover Regina

The kids are also aiming for new friends

It’s a nice enough party, until Peter sets the stove on fire. Tommy bravely crashes in with a fire extinguisher

And Tommy saves the day! After that, the family gets a fire alarm.

Now with spring coming, there’s a lot of wishes for kisses. Samanta is still very upset with Peter, and therefor, she goes around kissing her children instead.

One assignment done for Arne

One more date for Karina.

And this time she’s going steady with Oscar. The kitten Mårran grew up to adult unnoticed

Tommy continues to date the paper girl. J68 has forgotten her name.

But it’s hard work. She’s very shy and won’t let him come near her too often

Apparently the cat has a new value now when she’s an adult.

Peter Jr sells some lemonade to his brother and doesn’t notice the ghost of his grandmother behind him

Samanta shows that she’s a Family/Romance sim and first calls David, her oldest son to talk, and then calls for a date.

It’s a guy named Didrik, whom she hardly knows. Probably she's punishing Peter, but at the same time she forgot to cook for her family and the dialogue box says that Arne is starving.

And Peter dates outside the marriage as usual. He doesn't care about his hungry children either.

And Peter dates outside the marriage as usual

And Arne becomes BFs with Signe Furberg. On the counters we see that someone finally cooked some food.

Then it’s time for the twins’ birthday. Their father’s mistress is present as usual. You could start believing that she has moved in, but she hasn't. She's just always invited either to a party or on a date and she always hangs around afterwards.

A nice pair of boys the twins are, too. Arne chooses Knowledge and Peter Family.

And as an end note we give you Tommy, who finally succeeded in getting a kiss from his girl

This week was hard on the kids. The older sims were better, but the only one really easy - Karina, the Pleasure sim! At the end of the week she’s moving to Uni, but we will not see her there until next time.

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