j68_challenges (j68_challenges) wrote,

Belladonna Wishes - Week 2 - Odelberg

Last time, Desirée worked in the science career and pursued her hobbies of music and culinary arts.

Desiree Odelberg, Knowledge

As a true Knowledge sim, Desirée starts her week with a game of chess

She invites her girlfriend Tabitha over. That Tabitha is really going around in the neighbourhood. She has relationships with all gay women here.

Then for a computer game

She loves to dance and talk about music

And to play chess

She suddenly decides to buy a handgame

It looks like she’s asking the teen boy for a date, but she’s actually calling Tabitha

Tabitha is very willing to date Desirée.

They find a way to fulfill the woohoo wish they both have…

But there’s a price to pay!

Back to the computer

And a chat with Kuno, the neighbour

Dancing, both in the kitchen and at the newly bought ballet bar

That night a burglar comes and steals Desirée’s classy cowhide couch.

She doesn’t wish for a new sofa, though, but buys a synthesizer instead

And she takes Tabitha on a date to the dance lot

Where she wins a dance competition

It’s a great date! Tabitha follows Desirée home to break in the new sofa.

Time for a dance session again.

Then she’s really starved and the fridge is empty, so she orders out for chinese not to starve to death before a grocery delivery would come and she would have to cook something

Luckily she survivies and spends some time with the Wippers, her good friends from next door.

And we end this week with another date with Tabitha, but no wishes to move her in or take the relationship to the next level

The score for Desirée is not completely flawless but good anyway, since she’s a Knowledge sim!

Tags: belladonna wishes, odelberg

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