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Belladonna Wishes - Week 2 - Nyman

Last time, Greta worked very hard to get her first kiss. The kids got most of their points from interacting with each other. Gabriella was obsessed with adults. Gry and Göte grew up to children and Gabriella and Gert to teens

Glen Nyman, Fortune teen
Greta Nyman, Family teen
Gabriella Nyman, Popularity teen
Gert Nyman, Romance teen
Gry Nyman, child
Göte Nyman, child

Glen wishes to attend Uni and to be accepted in private school, but his grades are really terrible, so he better shape up if that’s giong to happen!

Greta is failing too, and likewise needs to shape up

To improve her mood, Greta plays with Göte

Gry and Göte like skipping rope.

Gert orders a blind date and it is pretty nice

Greta plays with the guinea pig and arranges a sports party

She spends some time with her boyfriend Rutger

The last inhabitant Gabriella is friends with three of her five brothers and sisters. Göte she has apparently ignored all his life

Then she gets a wish by cleaning. That’s great!

The apartment was hopelessly cramped and the Picasos would never leave. Therefor the family moves to a house

Gabriella breaks in the house with a violin concert

Gry and Göte get points from each other while waiting for the school bus. Very convenient.

The teens do the same when they get back home.

Glen is Fortune and hard to please, but he gets a point here and there from earning money.

Gabriella buys an MP3-player and a phone

And while she’s at it, she also buys some groceries

Back home she arranges a birthday party for Gry and Göte

She invites a guy that she has the hots for, and he gives her what she wants

Gert dates Ida Bergros

Then it’s time for cake

Gry  and Göte grow up well

Gry becomes Fortune and Göte Romance.

The other Romancer Gert dates his girlfriend Ida

Greta is stargazing

Glen likes to dance

Greta likes her logic skills!

Glen wishes to start private school and invites the headmaster. All his siblings are accepted but not himself since his grades are still too bad

Gry and some of her brothers are going downtime to take photos, buy phones and chat.

Göte cannot even wait until he gets away from the machine before he has to try out his phone

Back home, Glen earns some money by giving financial advice

Gabriella gets her points from cleaning, meeting new people and playing the violin

Greta gets hers from live chatting and from cleaning, too. It’s lovely that these kids quite often wish for random skill points, then j68 makes them clean the house.

Glen has shapened up his act and recovered his grades. Tonight he’s going to be accepted in private school! He prepares with a dance

The headmaster gets served comfort soup, because noone can really cook

Glen is barely accepted, but barely is enough. He celebrates with another dance!

Gert dates his girlfriend Ida

And now it’s for real!

But Gert is a jerk and now wishes for two lovers. Plus a dreamdate with Ida.

j68 is mean to Ida and locks the two loves wish for Gert, but he’s forced to clean as compensation.

Gabriella is a good girl and mostly plays the violin.

Gry gets her first kiss from Oscar Bergros, Ida’s brother.

The oldest kids get secondary aspirations. They both chose Popularity

Gert works on his next conquest, Tina Rosdahl. J68 thought she was gay, but she must be bi.

And we have love! Mission accomplished.

Greta uses her new secondary aspiration and arranges a party.

Greta dances with her brother Glen. They both should get a date!

They are both almost adults, so it’s about time. Greta has a crush on a guy named Rutger and Glen has one bolt for a girl named Ada.

Teen date ensues!

Little brother Göte also wants a date. He asks Tina, Gert’s latest conquest. It’s not like Gert should care.

And to be fair, Göte and Tina have three bolts between them

It’s as hard to take pictures of fulfilled violin wants as taking pictures of fulfilled homework wants. However, the important thing is that Greta and Glen will grow up to adults in just one day.

Time to arrange a farewell party

Farewell party for Glen that is. He’s going to Uni, but Greta is not.

Gabriella celebrates in her own way

So Glen moves out and into a separate house at Uni.

Well there we realize that there’s some kind of bug. He doesn’t grow up!

So we send him to the dance lot to win a dance competition. Whiich he doesn’t. And he doesn’t grow up when returning to Uni either.

So, a new dorm is installed and finally Glen can grow up properly. His last day of the week is played out in Uni.

He starts with writing his term paper. Maybe about mechanism of growing up in the sims.

Then he relaxes with skipping rope

And finally, he makes friends with Millan Meckare, and we see that they have two bolts. We’ll see where that leads. If anywhere.

Back in the house we have five kids left.

The cash situation is not ideal, but they are hungry, so they order out for chinese.

Greta awaits adulthood without having any wish to go to Uni, so she won’t.

Göte dates his threebolter Tina again.

And we have a crush

In the meantime, Gert plays chess and ponders on whether he will go for the next girl on his hot list.

Gry tries to make some money from playing the violin, but only gets skill points. Which is nice but will not buy lunch.

Gert tries to call the blond on his list, but she won’t pck up the phone, so he goes back to Ida.

Greta grows up alone in the bathroom and grows up her boyfriend Rutger too.

She invites him over and they fall in love in an adult way. She has hotter guys on her list but she doesn’t want to wait to start her life.

They immediately get engaged and he moves in. And thereby this week is over.

Well, it was a decent score for having so many sims. It’s just too hard with big families. And the amount of pictures become overwhelming!

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