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Belladonna Wishes - Week 2 - Meckare

Last time, Wanda gave birth to Astrid and Rutger
A guinea pig was bought and named Wednesday. Both Wednesday and the dog Cleo were the center of attention.

Stefan Meckare, Family
Wanda Meckare, Family
Astrid Meckare, toddler
Rutger Meckare, toddler
Cleo, the dog

Astrid gets her first point with a charisma point. Now she wants to move on to other things.

Stefan gets his first point for a promotion and continues by paying attention to Wednesday, the guinea pig and Rutger, his son.

Astrid gets some attention too, wished by her.

Wanda comes home in a miserable shape and loses a pregnancy we didn’t know we had.

Rutger gets a wish from a charisma point

And Wanda, despite still being in a miserable mood, gets both herself and her daughter a wish by singing a nursery rhyme

Two more wishes are fulfilled by playing with Wednesday and eating a salad.

Astrid grows up to child and gets a wish from growing up well.

Wanda’s mood is still bright red, but she likes dancing with Stefan.

Rutger learns to go potty

Astrid gets all her Tuesday wishes from Cleo.

Stefan starts with Rutger, but continues with Cleo

Until he wants to serve and eat a salad for lunch

Wanda starts with Wednesday but continues to find Cleo a job.

And when that is done she wishes to quit her own job.

Stefan hires a repairman

Then some focus on Rutger

Everybody is crazy about the dog. Luckily Wanda also wishes to give her a bath.

The animals are really the center of attention!

Sometimes the sims are also interacting with each other.

Rutger grows up well and gets in a wish in the process

Wanda teaches Astrid to study

And then brings her outside to play

Then it’s Cleo’s turn again

Rutger stays indoors with his skipping rope

Animals, animals…

And all of a sudden Wanda flirts with a very gray Stefan.

Little else is going on than playing with Cleo, who is getting stinky again

But Rutger learns to study at least

And spring is coming so we see some flirting

Astrid stays on top of her homework

And Stefan shows a new interest in stargazing.

Spring brings dreamdating

The kids get new haircuts. Rutger makes his homework while Wanda eats a spoiled pizza slice

Cleo gets a long needed bath, but the garden is still a mess

All of a sudden Wanda is also gray, but the dating continues. Stefan and Wanda love each other very much

It’s a good thing that they are able to concentrate on each other when there’s so much housework that should be done.

Astrid and Cleo still spend a lot of time together

And so does Rutger and Cleo. And look, someone cleared the dining table!

Rutger also get points from talking to his mother. Astrid is getting an accomplished piano player without wishpoints. She’s often hitting the piano after she has fulfilled her daily wishes.

And will you look at that! Millan came over and started to do gardening work all autonomously, and then, j68 admits to have directed Stefan to help her out, so the garden looks much better now!

It was a pretty good week, but I have no idea what happened with Astrid on Saturday – not a single wish!

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