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Belladonna Wishes - Week 2 - Meckare

Last time Millan lived with her parents Stefan and Wanda in Bluewater. She got two younger siblings and now will start her education at Uni

Millan Meckare, Knowledge

Daddy Stefan follows Millan to Uni and drops her off at the dorm

While there she acquires a secondary aspiration of Family.

She likes doing her assignments

And she finds a boy she likes – Nathan Jansson

But she really is a Mommy’s girl, often wishing to talk to or invite Wanda over.

After a couple of days she decides she wants to major in Mathematics

She certainly is a Knowledge sim, she likes to skill.

But she also likes to relax with a computer game.

Her first semester is soon finalized with highest possible grades

She rewards herself by buying a guinea pig cage

But then she buckles down and finishes her term paper.

And a cleaning skill

She starts spending more time with Nathan, and one day they go beyond their friendship and are now romantically involved

And Millan ends her freshman year with flying colours!

Her sophomore year starts in the same manner her freshman year was – with assignments, computer games and a visit from Mom

Despite the fact that Millan is a Knowledge sim in Uni, it was hard to get her wishes in. Trying to write term papers in a bad mood just doesn’t work

Tags: belladonna wishes, meckare

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