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Belladonna Wishes - Week 2 - Markövertag

Last time, we had raging fires that made Malcolm very upset. He started dating Görel Backman.

Malcolm Markövertag, Fortune

First thing that happens is that Malcolm has enough aspiration points to claim a secondary aspiration of Romance.

He wishes for a friend and talks to a guy he knows pretty well, but they are not really friends yet.

He meets someone new through a chatting service

He wishes to earn some money and j68 sends him to his store that he never went to before. While there he rolls wishes for loyalty stars and receives them

He also gets the money wish in by closing his first sale

He also gets a good review, which is nice, but doesn’t fulfill any wishes.

Back home, after a bit of rest, he invites his girlfriend Görel for a date.

She fulfills wishes for him and they fall in love for real

After Görel leaves, Malcolm gets in a point by once again meeting someone new over the chat services.

Then for some skilling

Then a random wish to buy a robot station

Then some more skilling

And a promotion to getaway driver

The next morning after his first shift of getaway driving, he invites Görel again for a date.

They have a great time together as usual and it ends with Görel spending the night while Malcolm works

So when he gets home they can start all over again.

The rest of the day is spent skilling

And the next morning it’s time for another date.

When Görel arrives, Malcolm tells her that they are going out together

So they are going out for lunch and have a great time.

Every morning starts with a date wish

And Görel is always eager to come. Malcolm could very much need a gardener, but never wishes for it.

But him and Görel always have a great time together. She has wished to become engaged to him since forever, but he never rolls wishes like that.

Instead they go downtown for some dinner and some fun

And round it off at home with even more fun…

All in all, with the help of Görel, it was easy to keep Malcolm happy all week. For her sake it would be fun if he would be interested in a serious relationship, though.

Tags: belladonna wishes, markövertag

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