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Belladonna Wishes - Week 2 - Lööv

Last time, Emelie studied and started an Adventure career. She played chess with her neighbour Tom.

Emelie Lööv, Knowledge. LTW Space Pirate

Emelie is content with small wishes in the beginning of the week

Then she acquires a secondary aspiration of Fortune and it becomes more difficult.

She learns anger management and fire safety, both very time consuming subjects.

Luckily she throws in some small wishes that can be satisfied by the neighbours Irma and Josefin.

And while having a shower, she becomes BFFs with Josefin.

Emelie wishes to influence someone to clean for her, and she invites her love interest Tabitha Olofsson. Tabitha is happy to help Emelie clean up.

And she gets a nice reward when she’s done!

Hello Tabitha!

Then it’s time to learn some lifelong happiness.

Tabitha is a regular guest and fulfills a lot of Emelie’s wishes.

But some she still fulfills herself.


No Tabitha


The End!

With or without Tabitha, Emelie was very easy to keep satisfied and the score reflects that perfectly!

Tags: belladonna wishes, lööv

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