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Belladonna Wishes - Week 2 - Larsson

Last time Jonas married next door neighbour Irma and she moved in They became pregnant. Josefin dated the other nextdoor neighbor Tom, but they have not taken it to the next level.

Jonas Larsson, Fortune
Josefin Larsson, Fortune
Irma Larsson, Fortune

We start the week with all inhabitants claiming secondary aspirations. That might be the base for some more variety in the wishes than “earn/buy”

Irma is doing pretty fine, but it’s hard to make her eat as much as she needs.

Jonas has all the skills he need to fulfill his promotion wish. Hope it will be enough for it to happen

Josefin wishes for skills as if she was a Knowledge sim, but they are actually needed for her to get promoted, so she starts in the right end, that being wishing for skills first and promotion later.

Irma eats and sleeps and have no time for doing the dishes.

Then she gets stuck in the poorly designed hallway and all her needs are tanking out.

Josefin dates Tom in her underwear

Even if Irma eventually got away from the hallway and sorted out her needs to a certain extent, she wakes up in the middle of the night with cramps

And she loses the baby

And while Irma continues to cry over her lost baby, Josefin skills away happily.

Irma’s mood is really bad, but she are looking to Jonas for support

And he’s very supportive! Then he’s off to work.

Both Josefin and Jonas are happy to be promoted.

Then Josefin goes back to skilling until it’s morning and she can invite Tom for a date. She has also started to wish for some upgrades of the appliances and we get some easy wishes in through buying them.

Irma is recovering and goes back to work to be promoted.

Jonas comes home without a promotion but with a big wish satisfied since he passed a certain level of life earnings, don’t remember how much.

Then he gets a couple of wishes in from their neighbor Emelie, but don’t worry, she’s gay. And Jonas is very faithful to Irma.

Josefin asks Tom for a date. J68 wishes she would wish for marriage. Don’t Fortune sims usually do that at some point?

But apparently she wants only one thing from him and the rest is promotions and playing at the fireside

Irma has apparently recovered fully from her miscarriage

Jonas and Tom are good friends and that makes j68 wish even more that Josefin would marry Tom!

At least she dates him regularly

When she’s not wishing to skill or works to get promotions

All three inhabitants on this lot loves to skill

And to earn money and promotions

But they are also very devoted to their respective partners.

The cycles of events are the same every day in this house

And Josefin always looks a mess when she arrives home from the hospital, but after a couple of hours sleep and a date with Tom everything feels better.

Everything goes well until Jonas gets demoted. Irma is very affected with those news.

But they find ways to forget the bad things

And soon it seems Irma is in for a new difficult pregnancy

Josefin continues her relationship with Tom without ever wishing for anything more than dating and an occasional woohoo.

The rest of the time she skills and works.

Irma and Jonas love each other very much and dates all the time too

And by the end of the week the pregnancy is confirmed and Irma’s needs are dwindling. We’ll see next week if she will be able to carry it through this time.

Since all inhabitants like to date it was pretty easy to keep them happy, except when Irma was pregnant and didn’t feel well in the beginning.

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