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Belladonna Wishes - Week 2 - Jacquet

Last time, nobody cared about the family business. Gilbert was sleeping around. Denise played the piano. Gilbert died, but Denise managed to save him, only to see him date new girls.

Denise Jacquet, Fortune
Gilbert Jacquet, Romance

We start the week with both Gilbert and Denise choosing secondary aspirations. Grilled cheese for Gilbert and Popularity for Denise.

They enjoy each others’ company and both get wishes in for talking to each other.

Grilled cheese is a terrific secondary aspiration. Gilbert get huge boosts from serving and cooking them.

And then a small one from eating them.

Denise’s first own wish fulfilled is to buy a robot station.

Then she doesn’t use the robot station, since she prefers to play the instruments on the lot.

She also likes to talk to her friends.

Gilbert earns points by learning to cook.

Then he suddenly wishes for a make-over station.

Denise plays the instruments, or dances.

Gilbert cooks and dates.

He wishes to get a bronze badge in make-over and offers one to his date Jill,. She’s not very happy with the result

Instead she gives him a make-over

And from now on he will show his naturally blond hair instead of the dyed black that he has had until now.

The blond version of Gilbert still cannot do a make-over

But he does know how to cook Grilled Cheese!

Denise wishes to win a dance contest and goes to the Dance hobby lot.

Twice she tries and twice she fails to another Gilbert than her son. So she goes back home

Where her son Gilbert once again serves Grilled Cheese.

Denise does not only fail in dancing, she also fails in styling

It’s hard to believe that Gilbert is a Romancer. He loves studying cooking. GC has taken over him entirely.

Then all of a sudden it’s time for Denise to die. She wasn’t even very old, maybe 68. She goes in Platinum, which is nice for her, but pointless in this challenge.

Gilbert is very sad but likes to dance with the ladies

His mother’s passing reminds Gilbert about his own mortality and he decides to ask Danielle for a date.

They keep it at slow dancing this time.

Before the night is over Gilbert is also happy about making friends with Lasse Hamilton.

Some more cooking points

Then a quick booty call to Danielle.

And after that a proper date.

From that moment on, it’s all about Danielle

Well, Gilbert being Romance/Grilled Cheese was very easy to handle, while Denise was harder and then dead, so she didn’t contribute so much.

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