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Belladonna Wishes - Week 2 - Glenarp

Last time Fabian the difficult toddler and Barbara the first Belladonna girl were born. The parents played with the toy car and Carina dated.

Adrian Glenarp, Knowledge, LTW Chief of Staff
Carina Grimmhav, Romance, LTW 20 loves
Samantha Glenarp, Knowledge, 20 Best Friends
Fabian Glenarp, child
Barbara Glenarp, baby

Carina, the romancer earns a secondary aspiration of Popularity

Then she gets a wish by chatting online.

Adrian wished to cook hot dogs and then wishes to eat them. Two fast wishes in.

Samantha gets her wishes by stargazing and earning skillpoints

Adrian is a Knowledge sim but you can easily mistake him for a family man when he interacts with baby Barbara.

The last inhabitant on the lot, Fabian, gets his wishes from playing with toys or other sims

Carina likes spending time with Fabian

And so does Adrian

Suddenly Barbara grows up

And another sim’s needs are in focus

Carina invites Abbe Rehnström, one of her regulars, on a dream date

Then the circle starts over again. Adrian cooks and eats

Barbara requires attention and learns to walk

Samantha plays with the toy car.

Both Adrian and Samantha gets a Fortune secondary aspiration, even though Family would be more fitting for him and Pleasure more fitting for her.

Fabian plays with the animals. It’s amazing he never wished for a cat or dog.

Great when sims wish for skill points and are happy to fix the tub!

When Samantha is not playing with the toy car, she’s star gazing or skilling.

Skill, skill, skill for a while

Then suddenly Samantha wished to invite someone over and have a water balloon fight. She’s really a Pleasure sim in disguise.

Carina is easy to keep happy. One date a day and her wishes are done.

Life goes on with small wishes. J68 wishes Adrian would wish more for working out than cooking.

Fabian has typical kid wishes, for selling lemonade and for inviting friends, but his grades are slipping. If it was my kid, he wouldn’t be allowed friends over until the homework was done!

I’m afraid that he’s neglected in favour of his little sister though.

And in favour of his parents’ own wishes.

Carina gets a wish in by inviting to a birthday party.

Barbara grows up well

Immediately she gets one wish for learning to study and one from making Fabian’s homework that’s still lying around.

Then both kids in new haircuts spend some time fishing.

And in the rainy morning hours Samantha does the same.

And then she continues to sell lemonade, which is by far the silliest adult pastime there is.

Some focus on Carina. She wished to invite someone and called her regular Abbe.

While waiting for him, a new guy passed by, who she greeted.

When Abbe arrives she asks him for a date.

And by that she gets her wishes for the day.

Fabian is about to grow up. He’s in a terrible mood as usual. He never even succeeded in learning to study

Nevertheless he grows up sell and gets a wish for that.

He rolls family and an LTW to have 3 kids graduate from Uni.

There are always activities going on in the dark in this house – fishing

Water balloon fights

Star gazing

And skilling

Fabian, as the new teen he is, goes downtown on Saturday to buy a phone and take some photos.

He also takes some time to meet the check-out girls. Jacqueline is hot and he spends quite some time with her

Back home, Carina plans her daily date.

Today it’s the perpetual Arne Cederborg

We also find that Barbara is developing into a coming Knowledge sim

Back to Carina who gets what she wants. She also has a fear to marry any of her regulars.

Samantha does some fishing and ponders the possibility to become a witch now when the kids are getting older.

She is BFFs with the good witch, so why not try?! J68 never had a witch!

She asks her friend to turn her, and all of a sudden she’s The Nice Witch Samantha Glenarp. Adrian doesn’t care, but likes to talk to her just like before.

Then he goes back to his studies.

And so does Samantha. The turning didn’t change her wishes one bit.

And after that, the only notable happening is Fabian’s first date and first kiss with Jacqueline Ceder. We will probably see more of her next round.

As usual the Knowledge sims are hard, but it worked out pretty well with Carina and the kids.

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