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Belladonna Wishes - Week 2 - Furberg

Last time BJ was born and we had problems satisfying Knowledge sim Signe

Fabian Furberg, Family
Signe Furberg, Knowledge
Fabian Pohlman, child
BJ Furberg, toddler

Fabian Jr is named Pohlman, because he was born before his parents were married.

Fabian Sr cannot have enough of interactions with his children, mostly BJ, the toddler. And most of the time, the feeling is mutual

Soon there will be another baby, and Signe stuffs her head with pancakes

And sometimes the adults spend time together.

Signe also likes to play The Sims.

Fabian acquires a secondary aspiration of Knowledge

BJ grows up to child

And Fabian to teen

He rolls Family

He goes downtown to take some photos and to buy a cell phone

BJ changes his hair and starts with typical kid activities like skipping rope and selling lemonade to his parents

Signe in her pregnancy hair loves to serve meals to her family

And she loves learning stuff

Fabian doesn’t succeed in becoming friends with Ann-Catrin Pilrud

It works better between the brothers.

Fabian gets small wishes in by interacting with his kids and playing chess

Signe gets them by first cooking a certain meal and then eating a portion of it.

Fabian Jr gets a wish by flirting with his gay not-even-friend Ann-Catrin

And Fabian does the same as his wife, first cooking and then eating gives two wishes

BJ gets a big wish in when he’s finally in enough good mood to learn to study

The other combination of small wishes that is becoming standard: Talk with someone, play chess.

Then it’s time for the baby

It’s a girl who gets the name Signe. She’s blond and blue eyed like her brothers.

It gives Fabian a big boost and now he wishes for 10 kids. Eeh, no.

Fabian Jr finally manages to become friends with Ann-Catrin and immediately wishes to be BFs with her.

BJ is hard to keep happy, but he likes skipping rope. He also wishes for a bird

So a bird is bought and named Casper after Ann-Catrin’s father who is here playing chess with his daughter.

Fabian Jr suddenly wishes for a flower station, which is bought, put in a corner and promptly forgotten

Faibian has let go of his 10 kids wish and instead wishes for skills that can get him promoted in his Medical career.

And BJ finally gets some more points for jumping rope.

Spring is approaching and Fabian Jr desperately wants a date. He calls the matchmaker and gets an adult woman who’s not even particularly attractive, so the date is kept on teen level and as soon as his wishes for the day are done, the date is cut short.

It’s convenient with sims that get wishes in from cleaning. Casper the parrot thanks you!

A strange picture to illustrate that Fabian Sr (and Signe) are very happy that Fabian Jr gets grants for uni. Now they all wish for Fabian to go to Uni. Which he will at the end of this week

It’s a pretty physical family, they all like to work out and get points from that.

Even though the Fabians prefer to date

The girl Fabian decides to date is named Helena Melin and is a zero-bolter. She falls hard in love with him nevertheless

Then it’s time to pay some attention to a different girl – baby sister Signe grows up to toddler and we now have another sim to satisfy on this lot

She learns to talk fast enough

Signe is really the center of attention and BJ has to do his homework all by himself

While Signe learns to walk

BJ at least gets his mother to buy some lemonade from him

Then he plays chess until the day breaks, earning himself some skill points and getting in some wishes.

Spring has arrived and Signe decides to do her yoga outside, where the snowman didn’t even melt away yet.

Fabian wishes to go steady and we decide on Helena, despite the fact that they have zero bolts.

It’s a bit awkward at first

But soon Fabian gets his first kiss

That really makes him want more!

And by the end of the date they are a steady couple. We’ll see if she will come with hm to Uni. That depends on his wishes.

Fabian Sr has really longed for Signe to come home from work so they can have a date

As usual, pillow fighting is a major event in the Furberg dates.

Then it’s time to teach Signe a nursery rhyme

And to feed the family.

Signe concentrates on her skilling and then spends some time with her daughter.

The rest of Sunday is spent with friends and family

And then Signe gets a point in by growing up well and Fabian one for moving off to Uni.

Overall it was a very good week. I’m especially pleased that Knowledge sim Signe was so easy to satisfy. It was of course due to the extensive datiing with her husband but anyway.

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