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Belladonna Wishes - Week 2 - Frost

Last time, Ellen moved in Mattias and their son Mattias was born.

1532 Frost

Ellen Frost, Fortune
Mattias Törnblad, Popularity
Mattias Frost, baby


1533 GC1534 Rom

First of all, Ellen and Mattias roll secondary aspirations, Grilled Cheese and Romance respectively

1535 Wedding party

Ellen has a locked wish to marry Mattias, and a wedding party is arranged

1536 Wedding
1537 Wedding

Everybody’s happy!

1538 Frost

Tom is here too. And now we have two Mattias Frost in the hood

1539 PArty

It’s a great party and Mattias is very happy


After the wedding it’s time for Mattias Jr to grow up

1541 M
1542 E
1543 M
1544 Read
1545 Talk

And after that, nothing much happens that does not include Mattias Jr.

1546 GC
1547 GC

Just an occasional Grilled Cheese sandwich

1548 Fired

Mattias gets fired due to a bad chance card

1549 Helena

But he’s happy to meet Helena Lång

1550 Invite
1551 Dance

And to invite and spend time with his friend Tom

1552 Preg

Ellen finds herself pregnant

1553 Junior
1554 Junior
1555 Junior

Time for some Junior focus

1556 BFs

Then Mattias gets a huge boost by having 5 BFs.

1557 Chat
1558 Chat

Mattias loves chat sites – it’s a great way of meeting new people

1559 Dance
1560 Chat

Ellen and Mattias also try to spend some time togehter.

1561 Walk
1562 Tickle
1563 Hug

In general, they spend much more time hanging out with people than on cleaning or even having a shower.

1564 PArty

Birthday party!

1565 Prank

A typical Frost party, with pranks and Grilled Cheese.

1566 Logic

Mattias Jr crams in an extra Logic point before it’s time to grow up.

1567 Child

Mattias grows up well

1568 Baby

Then it’s time for the baby. Ellen has the support of her friend Signe.

1569 Signe

The baby is a girl and she gets named after the birth supporter – Signe

1570 GC

This family lives of Grilled Cheese

1571 Hamburgers

Unless Mattias cooks something else

1572 Friend

Mattias collects friends and now has another one

1573 Logic
1574 Body

Mattias Jr collects skill points

1575 Study

And learns to study

1576 No alarm

And one day we realize that we don’t have a fire alarm installed. Luckily Ellen is capable enough to put the fire out, and then she gets some wish points when buying an alarm.

1577 Talk

And she’s lucky enough to find that Desirée, her old school mate, is willing to talk about Grilled Cheese with her.

1578 Signe

Signe grows up into the chaos that always prevails here.

1579 rope
1580 Rope
1581 Rope

Junior puts one body point on top of the other

1582 Walk
1583 Sing

And by the end of the week, Signe has learned to walk, and her big brother taught her a nursery rhyme. It’s so cute that a kid can teach a toddle, and very realistic J

1584 Score

It was a very successful week for the Frost family, but it took very many interactions to make them all happy each day, since their wishes were rarely in sync.

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