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Belladonna Wishes - Week 2 - Fresk

Last time, Tom started relationships with both the pizza girl Katja and his neighbour Josefin. He also wrote novels


Tom Fresk, Fortune

1511 LAst

Tom enjoys his fancy TV and fancy chair for the last time. Everything has to be sold for him to be able to pay the rent.

1512 SEc pop

He rolls a secondary aspiration of Popularity, which will make hime easier to handle hopefully

1513 Josefin
1514 Jos
1515 Jos

As an immediate effect, he gets some wishes in by interacting with his nextdoor neighbour Josefin

1516 TV

As soon as he can after having paid the rent, Tom buys a new chair and a new TV, not so fancy as the old

1517 Visit

Every day he wishes to visit Josefin or Irma, Josefin’s sister-in-law, so he is often in their apartment

1518 PArty

He throws a party, inviting both his love interests. J68 hopes he will roll a wish to get married to one of them.

1519 Pillow

But no, he only wants to play with them

1520 Book

Then he finishes his novel.

1521 Promo

Then he gets a promotion, to getaway driver.

1522 Read

And he starts to read his own novel, which he got in the mail

1523 Jos

Back to Josefin

1524 Body

Now when he’s promoted, he wishes to shape up to be able to be promoted again

1525 Cat

It works, and he gets promoted to Cat Burglar

1526 Body
1527 Skill

So he starts again to skill up for the next level

1528 Jos
1529 Jos

And he spends time with Josefin.

1530 Fired

But despite all the efforts, the last thing we see is that Tom is fired due to a bad chance card. So next week he’ll have to start over again!

1531 Score
Tom was really easy to satisfy, but pretty boring. It would have been fun if he had wished for a wife. Or at least a cat.

Tags: belladonna wishes, fresk

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