j68_challenges (j68_challenges) wrote,

Jinja Asylum - Amarcord, week 5

29 Monday

I maxed my cooking skill today, on my last day of adulthood. We’re all turning to elders today. Grace Kiboko is here to celebrate with us.

Well, folks, here we go. I wish that I will be promoted quickly so we can be out of here before we all die from old age.

Ta-da! Tamdem oldies! Me, Kolya and Mefisto (outside picture) grew up well, but Cabiria grew up badly, I’m sorry to say. Tsotsi and Babette are sleeping, so their time will come later.

Babette unfortunately grew up badly, too.

And so did our baby Tsotsi. Now we’re all grey, let’s see if we’ll survive at all.


 30 Tuesday

Kolya did it again! Luckily I’m off work today so I could do something about it. Babette just passed out on the kitchen floor.

Newsflash of the week!! We’ve got a new pair of love birds in this institution – Kolya and Mefisto fell in love with each other, perfectly autonomously. Love is good!



31 Wednesday

Another maxed logic skill. Cabiria this time. Tsotsi has got it already.

I got another promotion, to Sous Chef. I also brought a new co-worker with me home. Her name is Vera and she gave me the flu again!


33 Friday

It took 33 days, but now we had ourselves a break-down. Tsotsi went over the edge. As usual I haven’t got a clue why.


34 Saturday

Another day – another break-down. Maybe I should ask her on a home date.

No, no, no, Cabiria, don’t eat that! Damn, these surveillance cameras give me more information than I want sometimes.



35 Sunday

Aaahh!! My eyes! My eyes! Something is going to happen here!

Aww, it was their first time, it’s actually kind of sweet...

“What!? What did I do?! Tsotsi, calm down, you’re upsetting Babette”
“You filthy cheater, having a date with Vera here in our own house!”
“What?! I didn’t do anything, just danced with her”
“Well, I know you, I know what you were thinking!”


“You know that thing with her doesn’t mean anything to me, she’s just my way up the ladder at work. Here, take this. Friends, OK?”

“You nearly fooled me there, but this hussy is stepping inside MY kitchen making sizzling sounds over you!”
“I can’t help I’m so hot to her!”
“You pig!”

I really hope this will help my career, AsimWen says that it might.

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