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Belladonna Wishes - Week 2 - Djurström

Tove had one day at home with her father, but the rest of her week will be played out in Uni.

1489 Tove

Tove Djurström, Knowledge/Family

1490 Juan

The first thing happening in Uni is Tove booty calling her former neighbour Juan Rytternäs. They started a relationship already when Tove was a teen.

1491 Engage

They immediately get engaged.

1493 Woo

Tove gets most of her first wishes satified from Juan

1494 Assign

But finishing an assignment now and then is also good.

1495 Party

She arranges a small party

1496 Assign

And while the party is going on she finishes another assignment.

1497 Clean
1498 Sky
1499 Chess
1500 Max

Knowledge sims in Uni is something completely different from Knowledge sims in the ordinary neighbourhood.

1501 Paper
1502 Mech

Tove loves her life!

1503 Marco

 One day she wishes to play Marco Polo and that is the only time she’s leaving campus

1504 MEch
1505 stars

Then she’s back skilling

1506 Dance
1507 Tickle
1508 No dirt

And on her last day, which is about halfway into the second semester of her freshman year, she has some wishes for Juan again. Unfortunately he doesn’t like dirty jokes.

1509 Score
As I said – Knowledge sims shall be in Uni. That makes them incredibly easy even with five wishes a day.

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