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Belladonna Wishes - Week 2 - Djurström

Last time we played with animals and played chess. Niclas was born and grew up to child. Tove flunked school

1420 Djurström

Alvar Djurström, Family/Popularity
Kim Djurström, Knowledge
Tove Djurström, Knowledge/Family
Niclas Djurström, child
Sambo, the dog

1421 Chess

It’s Tove’s last day of teenhood and her last chance to be accepted in university.

1422 Homewokr

She ended last school week with F grades and has spent all weekend catching up on her homework. The night before school on Monday, she’s struggling with her last assignment. If she can raise her grades today she can apply for college

1423 Rope

Niclas is a typical kid and loves jumping rope

1424 Witch

His mother Kim wamts to become a witch, but the SimGodess doesn’t know how to do that and hopes the wish will go away

1425 No grants

Back from school, Tove checks that she’s able to apply for uni. She is, but she will not have any scolarships. That’s not a problem for this family, and she is shipped off

1426 Uni

Alvar drives her there, and we will see the rest of her week after we have finished the rest of the family’s week.

1427 Play

Back home, Alvar plays with Niclas.

1428 Animal
1429 Animal

This family is called Djurström. Djur means animal in Swedish, so j68 thinks it’s funny that they are so much into animals in this family

1430 Computer
1431 Computer

When they are not playing with the animals they spend time at the computer

1432 Flirt

Or flirt. Alvar wants another baby

1433 Skill
1434 Skill
1435 Skill

Kim is more interested in skills though

1436 Clean
1437 Clean

Animals need some care

1438 Date
1439 Flirt

Alvar doesn’t give up his babymaking plans

1440 Animal
1441 Ca

Meanwhile, Niclas plays with the family guinea pig and a stray cat

1442 Lemonade

Then he sells some lemonade to his parents

1443 Lemoande

Alvar wants to sell some lemonade too. It’s always silly when adults want to sell lemonade, and even more so in this case, since the lemonade stand is placed in the hallway of the family’s apartment

1444 Pregnant

When Kim has thrown up for the 15th time the same day, she starts to wonder if she’s pregnant and not only sick from the lemonade she had to drink

1445 Friend
1446 Friend

Niclas brings home Arne Ottomas with him from school, and they become friends

1447 Fire

Alvar breaks the fourth wall when he learns fire fighting

1448 Lemonade

Pregnancy confirmed and Kim has to drink more lemonade

1449 Clean

Then she gets a wish in by cleaning the tub. Good job!

1450 Clean

And another one reading a book

1451 Clean

And yet another one cleaning the dog’s bed.

1452 Guinea
1453 Lemonade

Niclas continues to play with the animals and sell lemonade from a stand inside the apartment.

1454 Homework

And once in a while he manages to get his fun level so high that he can stand doing his homework

1455 Party

Alvar is a Family/Popularity man and lives for parties

1456 Pillow
1457 Prank

And he loves pillow fights and pranks. Tove is here visiting from Uni.

1458 Animal control

Somewhere among the chaos, someone forgot to fill Sambo’s bowl, and now she’s starving, which means animal control shows up on the doorstep.

1459 Animal

It doesn’t help that the bowl is filled now, anilmal control still takes Sambo, lectures Kim and even takes the guinea pig and the empty birdcage!

1460 Labour

Right then the labour starts and the baby is on its way

1461 Twins
1462 Twins

It’s twins! A girl and a boy. They get the names Barbara after Kim’s mother and Ebbe after Kim’s father. (Alvar’s father is already represented by Niclas)

1463 Invite

Alvar still likes to invite people over

1464 Pillow
1465 Prank

And he still loves pillow fights and pranks. This time with Sara Fagerberg, neighbour.

1466 Lemonade
1467 Spin

Who put this record on repeat??

1468 Rmance

Then some romance. Alvar wants 10 kids. Forget it, man, you’ll have to be content with four.

1469 Homework

I love when the kids want to do their homework. Not too often with Niclas, though, he always has a pile lying around.

1470 BF

Yay, a best friend! It’s an Ottomas as everyone can see. Arne, who visited earlier.

1471 Fishing
1472 Fishing

Alvar takes Niclas fishing, and it seems the son has more luck than the father.

1473 Birthday
1474 Happy

Then – birthday! Niclas get a big boost from growing up well

1475 Fortune

He rolls Fortune, which is good I guess, since this family have the money to buy everything he’ll roll wants for.

1476 Snuggle

The babies are still babies, and Alvar loves to snuggle them.

1477 Invite

Wow, Kim wanted to invite someone over instead of only skilling

1478 Cook

And Alvar serves dinner

1479 Barbara
1480 Ebbe

And now – two new sims to satisfy

1481 Hospital

Niclas wants to go to Uni and wants the young enterepreneur grant so he accepts a job as orderly in the medical career.

1482 Wish

Activities that satisfy the wishes of two sims are great!

1483 Wish
1484 Wish
1485 Wish

But most of the time they’re out of sync

1486 Wish
1487 Wish

And we end this week with Kim, cramming in a couple of creativity points.

1488 Score

Alvar was very easy this week, being Family/Popularity in a house full of kids. Kim is still extremely hard, since she’s pure Knowledge. Niclas was pretty easy as a kid, but became harder when he became a teen and only wished for grants and uni. And toddlers are always hard.
It feels like it was a long week…

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