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Ewinnerlig Completion Challenge

Completion Challenge - Sonia Ewinnerlig
Chapter 1
Ewinnerlig, spelled evinnerlig, means infinite, and this Completion Challenge might as well be that J

0001 Sonia Ewinnerlig

Sonia Ewinnerlig is a completely random looking sim with a random name, who will be used to explore some animal related completion points that are not possible to achieve in the legacy house.

To add up completions we have chosen traits that are hard to combine with legacy stories, such as Commitment Issues, Can’t stand art, Dislikes Children. To help her out, we also chose Animal Lover and Friendly.
Her LTW is the Arch Builder, which means that she will have to have two of each kind – dogs, cats, birds, butterflies etc.
We can also see that she is a Scorpio and that she likes kids music, spaghetti and red.

0002 Call

Starting off directly, Sonia has barely arrieved to her new home before she starts her animal life.

0003 Nova

She adopts a kitten for free. Nova is a mixed race with a strange combination of traits. She’s Genius, Clueless and Noisy.

0004 Naomi

I guess Naomi here is the one giving up Nova for adoption.

0005 House

Here we have our small family outside their small home with a big fenced area for future horses.

0006 Neighbour

Sonia takes some time to visit the neighbor and finds that Grace is an animal lover too. Hopefully they can be friends.

0007 Job

Sonia also realizes that she will probably need a job too, to pay the bills, and all the cat sand, but she will not have time to hold a full time job, so she applies for a parttime job at the grocery store.

0008 Toulouse

Time for a new kitten, a male this time. He is a mixed race too, and is given up for free. He is Hyperactive, Adventurous and Friendly

0009 New job

Sonia doesn’t like working in the grocery store. She wants another job.

0010 New job

So she accepts a job in Military

0010 Nova adult

Nova grows up

0012 Return TV

Sonia fixed the TV for her neighbor Sudden Fox

0013 BAby horse

That gives her the opportunity to hand-feed his baby horse

0014 Friends
0015 Naomi

She also  has wishes to be friends with Naomi and invites her over to see a movie and have some dinner.

0016 Jog

Time for a morning jog to add athletic skill for her job.

0017 Cats
0018 Nova

And to spend some time grooming her cats

0019 Trojka

Some pictures seem to be missing, so we don’t have the statistics for the latest member of the household, Trojka the female dog.

0020 Toulouse

Toulouse grows up, looking like a Siamese

0021 Non-destruct

Sonia has taught Nova to be non-destructive, which is good for the furniture.

0022 Rep0023 Promotion

She’s gaining fame by hanging out with her apparently famous workmates in the Military. She also get promotions, so now she’s a Private.

0024 Honting

Toulouse likes hunting and brings home all sorts of small animals to Sonia. Alive. Which is great, since she’s supposed to build an arch and fill it.

0025 Hunter

He’s even considered a Hunter nowadays.

0026 Fleas

Unfortunately he comes in contact with fleas and needs a bath

0027 Hopscotch

More random activities – Sonia invites her workmates over for some hopscotch

0028 Trojka

Trojka grows up looking like a raccoon

0029 Fire

And Sonia sets the house on fire

0030 Small

The outside wall of the house is where Sonia has started to collect the small animals the cats bring home

0031 Bird
0032 Woolrat

She also does some collecting herself

0033 Walk

Sonia spends a lot of time with her animals, to become BFFs with them.

0034 Victor

But sometimes she spends time with sims too. For example her best friend Victor who invited her to a formal wear party.

0035 Hunter

Nova becomes a hunter, too

0036 Hunt
0037 Hunt

The hunt is not always successful, but Toulouse likes it anyway

0041 Hunt
0038 Cages

Sometimes it IS successful, so more and more cages and terrariums are needed. Sonia has invited Victor over

0039 TV

They watch some TV

0040 Cleaning

And while Sonia cooks dinner, Victor helps her out by cleaning the litter box.

0042 Bird

It’s not always a good idea to have hunting cats and birds on the same lot. Nova scares the parrot

0043 Python
0044 Dove

Toulouse continues to catch pythons and doves and what-not

0046 Cleaning

Gives a lot of cages to clean

0045 Adventurous

Trojka becomes adventurous, maybe by being allowed to be on the furniture

0047 Group leader

Promotion! Sonia becomes a Group Leader, despite all the work she needs to put in at home.

0048 Bolle

Time for a new dog – a mixed race male pup that is shy.

0049 Leo dead

Oh no! The turtle Leo died! We need a new one to be able to fulfill Sonia’s LTW

0050 Shy
0051 Train
0052 Hunt

Training and hunting continues

0053 Workout

And Sonia even hits the gym to be able to get further in her career.

0054 Hot

And one day, when she hires a repair man, she starts to discuss engagement (in general) with him. She finds him very attractive! Remember your LTW and your Commitment Issues, Sonia!

To be continued. Maybe :)
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