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4.3 Motvalls - A Sims 3 Legacy/Completion Challenge

Last time, Ada was chasing the unicorn to get to know it and eventually be able to adopt it. She also started a daycare center in her home.
Anders fell in love with a work mate and they had a short sweet romance before Teri died at the legacy lot. He aldo reached his LTW of becoming a World Renowned surgeon.
Eva and Maria, the generation 3 and 4 spares, were mostly ignored.
Mikael, the main character, started to succed in his journalist job. Generation 5 heir, Johan, was born and grew up alone to toddler.

0826 Talk

We start off with Anders trying to teach Johan to talk

Inhabitants on this lot:
Anders, generation 3 heir
Eva, Anders' sister
Mikael, generation 4 heir
Maria, Mikael's sister
Ada, generation 4 spouse
Johan, generation 5 heir

0827 Talk

After a while it succeeds, and Anders is pleased.

0828 Blog

Mikael gets promoted to Professional Blogger, and the graphics have not really caught up with the location. The garden looks miserable!

0829 Walk

And with a terrible photo angle, we try to show that Johan has learned to walk, with his great-grandmother Tamara as witness

0830 BAby

Ada calmly walks to the hospital, since it’s time for a new baby

0831 Rush

Ada calmly walks to the hospital, since it’s time for a new baby

0832 KArin0833 Karin

It’s a girl, who gets the name Karin. She is evil and absent-minded. Evil is new to this family, but Maria is absent-minded already. The first picture of the new member of the family!

0834 MAria birthday

At home it is Maria’s birthday. She will become an adult.

0835 Midlife

She gets a midlife crisis, whatever effect that will have

0836 Johan

Ada spends some time with Johan, who is now a big brother

0836 Kiss
0837 Woo

And he might be once more, since his parents are at it in the shower!

0838 plants

Maria is promoted to flesh-eating plants caretaker

0839 Jog

She celebrates with taking a jog home and at the same time completes an opportunity to exercise for a reward.

0840 Mikael

At home it’s time for Mikael’s birthday.

0841 Karin

And Karin’s. As with Johan it doesn’t work to take her to the cake.

0842 Karin

Here she is. She’s cute and has very light eyes.

0843 Karin

And she’s much more fun than Johan. Too bad it is a Patriarchy legacy.

0844 Eva

Eva, Anders’ sister, continues to date Patrick Bunch now and again, but she’s mostly ignored.

0845 Ada

Then birthday again, now it’s Ada’s turn.

0846 Johan

0847 Johan

And apparently Johan’s, but we forgot. He gets the trait Angler.

0848 Unicorn

The unicorn is back! Ada hurries to get a chance to meet him. He hasn’t been visible all week!

0849 Ada

She didn’t even have time to change her hair after growing up

0850 Disappear

But soon it’s 5am and he disappears, without Ada having a chance to connect to him.

0851 Book

Anders has a full lifetime bar and is ready to goanytime, but today he’s shopping for books. His plan is to go to the library to read it in peace.

0852 Library

But he only have time to get to the stairs of the library before it’s time for him to go.

0853 Ready

He’s ready.

0854 Mikael

And Mikael, who is now an orphan, picks up his father’s headstone and his belongings.

Anders Legacy points
Generation point 1
LTW World Renowned Surgeon 1
Portrait 1
100.000 aspiration points 1

Toatl legacy points 4

Anders Completion points
Traits: Family-oriented, Genius, Hates the Outdoors, Loner, (Snob) – 4p
Career: Medical – 1p
LTW World Renowned Surgeon – 1p
Skills: Piano, master pianist – 1p
Miscellaneous – Own a venue – 1 p

Total completion points – 8

Now, on with the story
0855 Ugly

Johan grew up in the ugliest sweater ever. The SimGodess can’t stand it any longer, so he gets a new everyday outfit.

0856 Fishing

Then, since he’s an angler, he goes to one of the remote lakes to start his career as a fisherman.

0857 Tree house

With Johan, we want to explore the kid stuff that came with Generations, so we build a UFO-like tree house. He really likes to spend time there.

0858 Mikael

OMG!! Mikael has worked on an opportunity to do some exercise, and when he entered the door of the legacy house the SimGodess almost fainted. What a hunk he has become!

0859 Kids
0860 Kids

Here comes the new batch of daycare kids. Nanna and Madicken Höök. Apparently they are twins.

0861 Death

Today it doesn’t work so well with daycare. The family tries to have a funeral for Anders, but as usual someone always dies at the Motvalls parties.

0862 Cry

And the kids just won’t stop crying, so the party is not a hit either.

0863 Scouting

On his first day in school, Johan signs up for the scouts. It goes well with his nature interest.

0864 Unicorn

Ada finds the unicorn again. But the relation never gets better, since it’s so long in between the times they meet.

0865 Ada

This time Mikael came with her, but he soon leaves to go home and sleep.

0866 Ada
0867 Ada


0868 Johan

Johan doesn’t get enough attention apparently.

0869 Kids

And not the daycare kids either.
"What type of daycare is this?! Madicken cried and screamed when she left from here!"

0870 Johan

We leave this legacy update with an heir neglected, being out too late on his own, with only his doll Rulle as company.
And there we take a break to try out some other stuff with another sim. Let’s see if we will ever come back to the Motvalls family!

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