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Belladonna Wishes - Week 2 - Delarosa

Last time, Florence only wished for skill points and we had a terrible score.

1390 Delarosa

Florence Delarosa, Knowledge/Pleasure

1391 Skill
1392 Skill
1393 Skill

We start where we left off last week, with skilling

1394 Invite

Until daylight comes and it’s possible to invite someone over.

1395 Skill

This someone is called Dennis Jakobsson and he doesn’t seem to mind when she’s skilling while he’s there

1396 Date

When Florence’s secondary Pleasure shines through a while later, Dennis is the one she invites for a date

1397 Date

He turns out to be a Family sim, and they have a great date

1398 Date

So, when Florence wakes up the next morning, she asks him for a date again

1399 Date

And again

1400 Woohoo

This time they go all in

1401 Propose

Florence asks Dennis to marry her and move in

1402 Dreamdate

They have a dreamdate and we have another sim to please. Dennis is a Family sim and he gets a secondary aspiration of Fortune.

1403 Skill

Dennis likes to skill too

1404 New

And he likes to meet new people

1405 Artist

And he’s quite the artist

1406 Date

That night, Florence hasn’t had a single wish yet, and wishes for a date. Dennis works nights and will not be home before midnight, so Florence invites someone else for a date!

1407 Play

That someone is Mr Jacquet. They had a thing going in his house last week. However, this time, Florence keeps it on an innocent level and as soon as she’s got her five wishes, she ends the date and sends him home.

1408 Serve

Life goes on, with serving meals

1409 Skill
1410 Skill

and skilling

1411 Date

It starts to be a tradition in Belladonna with pyjama dates

1412 Wedding

And this time, the date ends in a winter garden wedding

1413 Wedding

and now they are both called Jakobsson

1414 Skill
1415 Skill
1416 Skill
1417 Skill

While winter comes to an end, Mrs Jakobsson varies her methods of skilling

1418 Skill

And Mr Jakobsson has started to wish for a baby

1419 Score

Over all it was a good week. Let’s just hope that Florence will be pregnant before she’s too old. Otherwise, Dennis will have to rely on the telescope…



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Nov. 8th, 2014 11:08 pm (UTC)
He'll probably start throwing wishes to adopt if they don't have their own child. Possibly even if they have their own child. Glad you were able to pull her out of her skilling frenzy to do other things. That winter wedding looked pretty chilly though in a sleeveless dress!
Nov. 9th, 2014 10:56 am (UTC)
It's so much easier now with secondary wishes. I hope they'll have a baby next week
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