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Belladonna Wishes - Week 2 - Collert

Last time, Julian started a relationship with the bartender Tyra and made a lot of other friends too.

1374 Collin

Julian Collin, Popularity/Fortune

1375 Clintånger

You could think this was a forgotten picture from the last family, but it’s actually Julian visiting the Clintånger family.

1376 Sarah

He finds that they have a room mate named Sarah (so now we know too J) and that the hot Alex has moved away to Uni

1377 Nice

He still has a great time with Vivianne, Sarah and Sally

1378 Filippa

Then he goes to visit his other neighbour Filippa

1379 BF

And they become best friends

1380 Alex

Back home, he booty calls Alex, who comes running from uni and into his bed.

1381 Visit

Then back to neighbour visits.

1382 Outwear
1383 Ignore

But sometimes it seems they could do without his visits

1384 Ignore

Vivianne ignores him too

1385 Tyra
1386 Alex

So instead he invites his girlfriend from last week, but there’s no spark left, so Alex is invited next. Nothing memorable happens there either

1387 Filippa

Then back to Filippa and Herbert

1388 Two girls

And by the end of the week he buys a DJ booth and wants to talk to both girls, but first Tyra, we gess, since he wants to invite her over.

1389 Score

Very easy week, but a rediculous amount of visits to the neighbours! Didn't even take photos every time, and did not publish all photos either. They all look the same :)



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Nov. 8th, 2014 11:04 pm (UTC)
So is visiting the neighbors all he really wanted to do? I'm sure some of them were like "Don't you have your own apartment? Why are you always over at ours?"
Nov. 9th, 2014 10:55 am (UTC)
Every day his wish panel was filled with "visit Filippa" "visit Vivianne". I'm sure they got fed up with him :)
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