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Belladonna Wishes - Week 2 - Clintånger

Last time we had slow and steady family life and Alex had a slow and steady relationship with her boyfriend Komei

1330 Clintånger

Vivanne Rörstedt, Family/Pleasure
Björn Rörstedt, Knowledge/Popularity
Alex Clintånger, Pleasure/Family
Sally Rörstedt, child

1331 Björn

Björn is several years younger than Vivianne, so he will remain an adult for some time. His wishes revolve a lot around Vivianne. And he wants a room mate.

1332 Vivianne

Vivianne likes animals and to visit Christer Gieke. And she, too, wants a room mate. Hey guys, you have no room for a room mate!

1333 Sally

Sally likes games and loves to play chess. There is something wrong with her lifemeter too. It doesn’t fill.

1334 Sally

She likes to play with her sister too, getting spinned with only one arm, since the other one got stuck in chess mode. By the way, technically they are not sisters at all, since they were born to their parents' former spouses

1335 Alex
1336 Date

Alex likes parties and dating, preferably combined

1337 Game

She also wishes to attend Uni, and she will probably be allowed to go by the end of the week.

1338 Time consuming

Björn starts to have annoyingly time consuming wishes, apart from the room mate wish. But they have no room!

1339 Christer

Vivianne also still has that wish!

1340 Christer

Apart from that, Christer fulfills many of her wishes

1341 Fire

We let Björn study fire fighting, but he still wants a room mate

1342 Party

Alex arranges a party

1343 Specialist

Björn gets promoted to Specialist but still wants a room mate

1344 Room mate

OK guys, suit yourselves! A room mate is chosen. Now let’s get on with our lives

1345 Teen

Sally has to get grown up by force

1346 Fortune

She chooses the Fortune aspiration with a secondary Family. She wants a spouse who is an old, fat slob.

1347 Christer

Vivianne continues to innocently visit Christer every day

1348 Dance
1351 Date

Alex continues to date Komei, sometimes at home and sometimes downtown

1349 Private

Sally is happy to be accepted in private school. Alex couldn’t care less

1350 Job

Sally is happy to go to work at the law firm

1352 Friend

Björn’s secondary Popularity comes through and he’s happy to meet new people

1353 Fire

And it’s Vivianne’s turn to learn fire fighting

1354 TOC

Sally reaches TOC for teens and is happy for that too. Now she wants to get the Young Entepreneurs Scolarship

1355 Grant

The only thing she needs to do to get it is to call

1356 Date

Meanwhile, Alex dates Komei. Again.

1357 Visit
1358 Visit

Björn has started visiting the Gerdskär family all times of day

1359 Visit

And Vivianne continues to visit Christer

1360 Sally meets boy

Sally meets Alex’s class mate and finds him two bolts hot

1361 Dart

Then she returns to the dart board

1362 Chess

or the chess board. She’s a real gamer girl!

1363 TAlk

Sometimes she spends some time with her father too. Could someone please wish for a cleaning point so the toilet could be fixed? Please?

1364 Friends
1365 Friend

Vivianne becomes friends with the room mate, who we forgot the name of.

1366 Chess

No cleaning points, just logic points

1367 Date

Then a pyjama date, where Björn finds he’s got a music&dance hobby interest. Strange that he never danced before then!

1368 Dinner

They even take their pyjama date downtown

1369 Darts

The girls play darts together

1370 Fish
1371 Money

Then Sally heads to the park by herself, to do some fishing and earn some money by playing the piano for tips

1372 Room mate

Back home, the room mate has become the center of attention. Everybody wants to be friends with her. Then the week is over, and Alex moves to Uni with her boyfriend Komei. We’ll visit them there next week

1373 Score

Alex was by far the easiest sim here. She wished for dates every day and then it's really easy with five wishes. The secondary aspirations helped to ease up the other sims too, but Sally was hard when all she wanted was this or that scolarship or earn this and that many simoleons.

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