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Belladonna Wishes - Week 2 - Cederborg

Last time, the incredibly old Arne Cederborg lived on the top of the world. He worked out with swimming in the middle of the winter, and entertained at least two mistresses without showing any interest whatsoever in settling down

1308 Cederborg

Arne Cederborg, Popularity/Family

1309 New

Arne Cederborg is 97 YEARS OLD!! – and lives single in his big villa. He’s the uncle of Isabell Bergros and he works a a Hall of Famer.

1310 PArty

Arne is a true party animal. He wishes for parties all the time

1311 DAnce
1312 Prank

Dancing and pranking are ingredients in all good parties

1313 Workout
1314 Workout
1315 Swim

When he’s not throwing parties, he continues last week’s workout regime. Gym, jogging and swimming. If he had a bicycle he would for sure be a triathlete and win Ironman

1316 Date
1317 Date

He gladly dates Jessica Pettersson, and gladly woohoos her, but despite that she wants to marry him (or another guy), he’s not interested in commitment

1318 Workout
1319 Date
1320 Friends
1321 PArty

Workout, date, friends, party.

1322 Combine

Combine date/party. Now Jessica only wants to marry the other guy.

1323 BF
1324 BF

More friends…

1325 Fish
1326 On
1327 103

And he lives on and on and on. There’s clearly something wrong with Arne’s lifetime meter. It continues to count, but does not fill up. Any suggestions anyone? The lot doesn’t seem buggy in any other way

1328 Play

If he’s continuing like this he will have all time in the world to be BFFs with the whole community. That could be interesting in itself.

1329 Score
And he’s easily satified, so why not? One thing is absolutely clear though - the secondary Family aspiration was completely wasted on this guy!

Tags: belladonna wishes, cederborg

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