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Belladonna Wishes - Week 2 - Carhagen

Last time, we only played this family for three days, but had a terrible score and nearly died of boredom. Lets’s see how we fare this week.

1258 Carhagen

Bruno Carhagen, Fortune/Grilled Cheese
Maria Carhagen, Fortune/Popularity
Calle Carhagen, Popularity

1259 Maria
1260 Sanjay

Maria got a secondary Popularity aspiration and it starts to show. She wants to interact with the neighbours Katja and Sanjay

1261 GC
1262 GC

Bruno’s secondary Grilled Cheese will make him much easier to satisfy!

1263 Gabriella

Calle started off the week with a wish to go to Uni, but his grades are so bad it won’t be possible. And he’s more interested in parties anyway. And his girlfriend Gabriella.

1264 Elder

Bruno grows up to elder into a hideous outfit, but it doesn’t matter. If he doesn’t wish for new clothes, what can we do?

1265 Money

Maria makes some money giving financial advice over the internet

1266 Chess

And Bruno maxes his Logic skill

1267 BAnk robber

It’s interesting that Maria works in the Criminal career and gets promoted to Bank robber, when her husband is a detective in the Law Enforcement career

1268 PArty

Calle lives for parties

1269 Elder

It’s not a birthday party for Maria, bur she grows up all the same.

1270 Visit
1271 Visit

Every day, Maria rolls the wish to visit at least one of the neighbours, often more of them.

1272 Sec family

And now, just before Calle becomes an adult, he rolls a secondary aspiration of Family.

1273 Butler

Maria hires a butler. It’s not enough with a maid for this Fortune lady!

1274 Chess

Bruno still likes to play chess

1275 Money

And to earn money

1276 GC

And to cook and eat Grilled Cheese

1277 New
1278 Friend
1279 New

Calle likes to meet new people and make friends

1280 PArty

And having parties

1281 Adult

He grows up to adult and gets a new job. He has been working extra in the Military career while in school, and now he’s got a day job

1282 Gabriella
1283 Flirt

His girlfriend Gabriella grows up with him

1284 Ring
1285 Wedding

And no time is wasted before he asks her to marry him

1286 Wedding
1287 Wedding

So, the new Mrs Carhagen moves in, and we now have four sims to satisfy on a daily basis

1288 Pop

Gabriella is a Popularity sim

1289 Sec GC

And she immediately adds a GC secondary. She will have a great time with her father-in-law

1290 GC

Life goes on in the apartment. Grilled cheese is served

1291 Sell

Paitings are sold

1292 GC
1293 GC

Grilled Cheese is discussed

1294 Elite

Calle is promoted to the Elite Forces

1295 Visit

Maria visits the neighbours

1296 Pregnant

And Gabriella discovers she’s pregnant

1297 Happy

Calle is very happy to hear the news

1298 BFs

While waiting for the baby, life goes on as usual, with parties and friends

1299 MP3

Maria gets the notion that she wants an MP3-player

1300 Counsel

And she studies couples counseling

1301 New butler

We fired the old butler, since he didn’t do his job properly, and hired a new one.

1302 Happy
1303 Party

Calle is happy to meet a new person, and then he’s arranging another party. There are parties in this apartment every day.

1304 GC

A brief discussions of Grilled Cheese

1305 Baby

A quick nap before it’s babytime (that's why Gabriella is in her pyjamas)

1306 Maria

It’s a brownhaired, blue-eyed girl, and she gets the name Maria after her paternal grandmother. And there the week is over.

1307 Score

This week was certainly better for the Carhagen family, especially for Bruno. Grilled Cheese FTW! Little Maria was just born so she doesn’t count.

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