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Belladonna Wishes - Week 2 - Blyger

Last time, Sven moved in and Sven Jr was born. At the end of the week the small, expecting family moved to a house.

1203 Blyger

Marita Blyger, Knowledge/Fortune
Sven (Hunicke) Blyger, Family/Pleasure
Sven Blyger, toddler

1204 Family

Here’s the small family outside their new house. No time is wasted to start fulfilling wishes.

1205 Logic
1206 Tickle

We concentrated on Junior mostly the first hours

1207 Pool

Sven wishes for a swim, and since the damily actually had the money, a pool was built.

1208 Friend

Then he invites a friend over to get some more wishes

1209 Skill

Marita, being highly pregnant, gets a point in reading up on some skill or another. Her other wishes are easily fulfilled, since they still have some money.

1210 Conflict

Sven is a bit conflicted when it comes to work. He wishes to stay home from work, but is afraid he’ll miss the car pool and/or get fired. Must be his conflicting family responsibility and his secondary pleasure aspiration

1211 Birthday
1212 Child

Junior grows up. Please note the guy in a suit – that’s Martin, the couple’s best friend.

1213 Baby
1214 Twins


1215 Twins

It’s twins, a boy and a girl. The girl is named Marita for her mother, while the boy is named Martin, for the family friend

1216 Lemonade
1217 Talk

The big brother wants to contribute to the family’s economy, but it is his mother ending up buying the lemonade. As it usually happens even IRL. Him and Marita have a great relationship and he’s not jealous at his new siblings

1218 Guinea pig

It’s actually Sven Sr that wishes for a guinea pig

1219 Jr

But it’s Jr that plays with it.

1220 Parents

The parents make sure to stay connected

1221 Baby

and the babies are not neglected either.

1222 Baby

At least most of the time

1223 Workout

Marita works as a dancer and feels that she needs to get rid of those extra kilos after the babies

1224 Tidy

She also likes to keep the house tidy

1225 Guinea
1226 Rope
1227 Rope

Sven is a typical kid, playing with the guinea pig, swimming and skipping rope

1228 Apprentice

Sven gets a promotion and is now an architect apprentice

1229 Kid
1230 Wife

Then he divides his attention between his big kid and his wife

1231 Marita
1232 Martin
1233 Twins

Eventually the babies grow up to toddlers, and we now have five sims on the lot to satisfy wishes for

1234 Sven

Luckily, Sven is still pretty self-sufficient

1235 Sven

And the father wants even more kids!

1236 Marita

And once and again, Marita gets to get one wish in for herself when she’s promoted to Pop and lock dancer, whatever that is

1237 Skill
1238 Skill
1239 Walk
1240 Potty

Toddler spam!!

1241 Lemonade
1242 Rope

Sven is still here, and he earns a membership card to the gym

1243 New

Sven meets the neighbours

1244 Promotion

Marita gets promoted again, to dance video star

1245 Rope

Sven skips rope

1246 Marita
1247 MArtin
1248 Walk
1249 Talk
1250 Music

But otherwise, everything is about the toddlers!

1251 Sven
1252 Sven

Just some quick snapshots of Sven

1253 Birthday
1254 Birthday

Then the attention is on the twins again

1255 MArita
1256 Martin

Finally children! And we will have a hard time telling Sven and Martin apart!

1257 Score

Toddlers are time consuming, but otherwise it was a pretty successful week, especially for Sven Jr, missing only 1 point all week.

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