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Belladonna Wishes - Week 2 - Bergros

Welcome back to Belladonna Cove, where we continue our second week of the "5-wishes-a-day" challenge. As suggested by ciyrose, secondary aspirations will be added to the sims as soon as possible, to mix up the wish panels. That way we might have a better chance to survive the Knowledge sims.

1135 Bergros

Benjamin Bergros, Popularity/Fortune
Isabelle Bergros, Family/Pleasure
Sofia Bergros, Family/Popularity
Marcus Bergros, Family/Popularity
Oscar Bergros
Ida Bergros

1136 IDa

We start off with small wishes. Ida likes to joke with her siblings

1137 Marcus

Marcus has a lot of wishes revolving around his girlfriend Laura.

1138 Benjamin
1139 Isabell

Benjamin and Isabell wish for each other

1140 Sofia

Sofia wishes for pets and she adopts a puppy she names Couch

1141 Laura
1142 Niclas

There are a lot of guests in this house, the family often wishes for company

1143 Puppy
1144 Dafne
1145 Sofa

Sofia’s wishes are mostly about the pets, and two is not enough, so she adopts another puppy who she names Sofa

1146 Oscar
1147 Oscar

Oscar is pretty invisible, mostly playing with the dogs or drawing pictures.

1148 Skill

Sometimes there is some skilling going on

1149 Flirt

but very often, wishes come true through dating

1150 Parrot
1151 Parrot

Oscar wants to play with a bird, and to do that, the family needs a bird, so they get one and name it Drummer. Don’t ask me why!

1152 Dafne
1153 Dogs
1154 Dafne
1155 Dafne

Everybody likes to play with the dogs, but no one wants to wash Dafne, so she’s filthy.

1156 Kitten

Sofia suddenly wishes for a kitten, as if puppies were not enough work.

1157 Wash

And finally Marcus rolls the wish to wash Dafne and she can get nice and clean again

1158 Parrot
1159 Parrot
1160 Dafne
1161 Dafne

Family sims and children are very much into animals

1162 Shop

Sofia rolls a wish to buy some electronics and goes downtown.

1163 Swim

While there she also wishes to go swimming

1164 Friend

Back home we have a full house, and Sofia becomes friends with a townie boy named Greger.

1165 Friend

Marcus becomes friends with another townie boy named Oskar.

1166 Birthday
1167 Birthday

Then it’s time for birthdays

1168 Fortune1169 Pleasure

Oscar becomes a Fortune sim with a secondary Knowledge aspiration, while Ida becomes Pleasure with a secondary Grilled Cheese aspiration

1170 Play
1171 Couch

The family has a somewhat immature way with the animals. They play with them a lot, but forget to feed them and take care of them. Couch grows up very hungry.

1172 Shop
1173 Shop

Oscar and Ida goes shopping for phones

1174 Skill

while Marcus and Sofia unify in some skilling.

1175 AC

Ida goes out with Ann-Catrin Pilrud.

1176 Flirt

She finds her very hot

1177 Lov

And soon they are in love.

1178 School

Oscar is a Fortune/Knowledge sim and cares more about being admitted to private school. And they all are, with a very good margin.

1179 Sofa

Sofa grows up

1180 sewing

Sofia has fortunately started wishing for other things than more pets, so she’s sewing. She has no wishes to go to uni, so she won’t.

1181 Adult

Instead she grows up to adult

1182 Steve

And so does her boyfriend Steve, who has been neglected all week.

1183 Relation

They start their adult relationship immediately

1184 Badge

Marcus likes the sewing machine too and earns a bronze badge.

1185 Kiss
1186 Dinner

Ida and Ann-Catrin takes their relationship to the next level and goes for a romantic dinner. Sadly Ida forgot to change out of her pyjamas.

1187 Ginger

Ginger grows up and is not a ginger anymore

1188 Engagement

Sofia is serious about Steve

1189 Steve

and he’s more than willing

1190 Happy

Isabell is very happy that her oldest daughter is engaged, and she hopes that there will be a wedding soon.

1191 No movein

No one would be happier than Sofia to oblige, but the house is full, so it’s not allowed.

1192 Skill

So instead she reads up on some skills and waits for the week to end so that she can move out

1193 Fish

Oscar goes to the park to do some late night fishing

1194 Guitar
1195 Guitar

And then he takes an interest in learning to play the guitar

1196 Date

Isabell and Benjamin spend their time dating

1197 Cooking
1198 Wash

Marcus is the perfect Family sim, cooking and being the only one to wash the dogs.

1199 GC

Ida has found that her father is one person that can stand to listen to her talking about Grilled Cheese

1200 Oskar

She also finds that she’s bisexual when ACR pushes her in the arms of Oskar, the townie

1201 Sofia

And we end the week with Sofia, who still lives at home, and spends a lot of time with her fiancé Steve.
By the end of the week she moves out and brings Couch, the only dog which she’s the master of.

1202 Score

With this week we also introduce a new way of calculating the score. Instead of just registering 0 or 1, we use decimals. So if it says 0 it’s really 0 wishes in one day, and 1 means all five wishes granted.
So, week 2 was pretty good for the Bergros family. Ida had the best week with 94% wishes granted, while Oscar had the worst, but still 71% wishes granted.
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