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Belladonna Wishes - Week 1 - Vänner

Vänner means friends in Swedish, and this household consists of the original playable students Matt Indie and Max Flex

1097 Vänner Uni

Matt Indie, Family, Drama freshman
Max Flex, Popularity, x freshman

1098 Isolated

These guys have been very isolated, too, just like our other Uni household. Max has two bolts with Roxie Skarp next door

1099 Party

Matt wants a party, despite being a Family sim. It will be a small affair.

1100 GH
1101 GH

Max wants to apply for membership in a Greek House, but since there is none, he applies to register their own lot as a Greek House. That works to fulfill his wish.

1102 Easy

Max is a typical Popularity sim and is easy to satisfy.

1103 Harder
1104 Play

Even Matte is Popularity-like at times

1105 Talk

There’s always someone to talk to and getting friends with

1106 Chess
1107 Chess

Matte has started to work on his Logic skill. The guys live at the lot where it is two small houses beside each other, but we built a foundation to expand the house – when they have the money. The Greek house is a bit lame at the moment, but just you wait!

1108 GH party

Max is happy that he for the first time is able to throw a Greek House party

1109 Talk
1110 Play
1111 No toga

Matte didn’t put his toga on

1112 New
1113 Talk

And as soon as one party is over, it’s time for another. Max is in heaven! As soon as he gets the chance he asks their friends to pledge for the Greek House.

1114 Talk
1115 Play

Party, party party

1116 Professor

Matte wants to become best friends with his drama professor. You know the one who is always flirting with everybody…

1117 Cook

Sometimes he’s Family-like and wishes to do some cooking. Then he is put to the task of cooking comfort soup

1118 Dart
1119 Dart
1120 Dart

At least once a day he gets a wish from playing darts. Wish he could wish for cleaning points…

1121 New
1122 BF

Meeting new people, getting BFs with the old… Still no one did any cleaning.

1123 Bird
1124 Bird

Then Matte wishes for a bird, and they buy one and names it Ghost. Where are the skill point wishes when you need them?

1125 Community

Once, the friends left the lot to play darts at another location

1126 PArty
1127 Party
1128 Dart
1129 Dart
1130 Play

But then it’s time for a house party again. Matte still works on his friendship with his professor

1131 House
1132 No wallpaper

With the scolarsip money for their first completed year they are able to build walls for the party room, even if they don’t have enough to put up wallpapers or buy furniture!. Maybe they should ask some of their GH members to move in.

1133 Works

It works for its intended purpose, though!

1134 Score
Once again it can be determined that it’s pretty easy to satisfy wishes at Uni, even though a Family sim like Matte doesn’t get a full score
And there the whole round of Belladonna wishes ends!

Tags: belladonna wishes, flex, indie, vänner

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