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Belladonna Wishes - Week 1 - Wipper

Kuno Wipper is our last 3xspeed townie. He suceeded in graduating from Uni.

1070 Wipper w1

Kuno Wipper, Romance

1071 BF
1072 Sigrid

Kuno’s first wishes are for best friends and he becomes BFs with both Casper Pilrud and with Sigrid Backman. Now he wants to be BFFs with them (Kuno is a very strange name – no one is named that in Sweden)

1073 Kiss
1074 Fake blond

Sigrid is very hot, and he easily gets his way with her. We can see from her eyebrows that she really is a fake blond.

1075 Ellen

Ellen Frost walks by and Kuno greets her passionately. As seen in the first picture, they are in love, but have no bolts. Kuno wants three lovers and a date. Let’s start with the date with Ellen.

1076 Want marry

Interesting fact – Ellen wants to get married both to Kuno and to the father of her child, Mattias.

1077 Music teacher

Kuno’s LTW is to become a Rock God and he accepts a job as a Music Teacher at summer camp. He still wants three lovers.

1078 Sigrid

So, Sigrid is invited back.

1079 Propose

And suddenly the three lovers want is forgotten, and instead Kuno wants to get married to Sigrid!

1080 Marry

Hurry up to get married then while the wish lasts! Sigrid is happy to marry a rich sim. Kuno didn’t even have time to shower. And the neighbour seems to have a problem with this relationship!

1081 Happy

Nevertheless, in the pouring rain, Kuno is very happy too, and Sigrid brings 11.000§ to the household!

1082 Made

These two seems to really be made for each other!

1083 Hair

So, Sigrid settles in and returns to her natural hair colour. She looks a bit ordinary now, but if she wishes for it she could have some new clothes.

1084 Wish

But she doesn’t wish for clothes, but makeouts and woohoos, and a stereo and a bar.

1085 Dance
1086 Date
1087 Play

The two wishes a lot for each other

1088 Skill
1089 Skill
1090 Skill

and also their fair share of skilling

1091 Miscarriage

By Saturday, Sigrid loses an early pregnancy, due her not eating properly

1092 No date

Kuno wants to cheer her up with a date, but she’s not up to it at all!

1093 Alone

Instead she spends some time alone by the computer.

1094 Peace

Kuno leaves her alone for a while

1095 Date

And soon they are back to dating

1096 Score

They both have a good score for the week, even though Sigrid didn’t get her wishes the day she moved in. They are both temporarily wishing for more lovers at times, but they soon forget that again for each other.

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