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Belladonna Wishes - Week 1 - Skarp

This is a playable household at Academie le Tour University. It consists of a brother and sister (the blonds, Edvin and Roxie Skarp) and Roxie’s boyfriend Jonny Stark.
This is our first Uni house (of two). I was pondering how much of Uni to play for each round – one year, two years? But of course, I settled with 7 days! It’s really not hard to keep track of, so it will work for all Uni households, now and in the future

1030 Skarp Uni w1

Edvin Skarp, Mathematics Freshman, Knowledge
Jonny Stark, Philosophy Sophomore, Romance
Roxie Skarp, Psychology Sophomore, Romance

1031 Edvin

Edvin’s first wish is to hire a maid. Again the viewers are grateful that we won’t have to see a filthy house all the time.

1032 Friend

Then he invites over a friend.

1033 New
1034 Acq

Jonny is happy to meet her, but she’s not attractive. By the way, these guys have been really isolated from the rest of the society!

1035 Roxie

Roxie wants to invite a friend too

1036 Mischief

Roxie: ”Now, dear audience, I will grab Jonny’s butt!” I love the look on her face in this picture :D

1037 Date
1038 Kiss

Jonny and Roxie easily get their wants from each other

1038 New

But they like to meet other people too!

1039 Study

Edvin likes to study, even though Katja, who is two bolts hot, is here

1040 Woo

Roxie and Jonny notice that ACR is installed on this machine

1041 Date
1042 Date
1043 Date
1044 Date

Two romancers living together really makes five wishes a day too easy!

1045 Assignment
1046 Skill
1047 Skill
1048 Skill

Edvin’s first two days are pretty easy too

1049 Gossip
1050 Kiss

The next few days are just more of the same. Incredibly boring house!

1051 Food

Look! Points from something else than dating!

1052 Date
1053 Date
1054 DAte

It doesn’t happen a lot apart from dating on this lot.

1055 Skill
1056 Study
1057 Skill
1058 Term

Well, it’s Edvin studying and skilling in various fashions, usually in his pyjamas.

1059 Fire

And with all that skilling, and even writing his term paper, he’s fully set for getting the best score at the final exams. He DOES have some cooking skill, but still manages to set fire to the stove.

1060 Woo
1061 Woo

While Jonny and Roxie woohoo every chance they get.

1062 New

Amazingly enough, Roxie wears clothes sometimes, and she’s not pregnant!

1063 PAncakes

Eventually Edvin learns to cook pancakes without starting a fire

1064 Fire

As a safety measure, he’s reading up on fire safety, too.

1065 New year

The three friends have succeeded to finish another year in university. Edvin is now a Sophomore, and Jonny and Roxie are Juniors. Even given the chance, their aspirations were not changed.

1066 Date
1067 Skill
1068 Woo

Maybe should have done that to get some other wishes…
The start of the new year continues just as the first one ended, and we’re happy that the time is up.

1069 Score
Boring as it were, the score is at least good!

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