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Belladonna Wishes - Week 1 - Roslund

Cyd and his dog are known, and probably the other two monsters I put in his care, too!

0997 Cyd Roslund w1

Cyd Roslund, Knowledge
The usual starting picture was lost, so you get this one instead!

0998 Lisa Ramirez

Cyd’s first two wishes or so concerned Lisa Ramirez. J68 anticipated a scandal, but no such luck. Soon his wishes went to concentrate on the dogs.

0999 Dogs

Cyd is set-up with one dog in the simbin. J68 also gave him the misadjusted “family” of two monsters in dog shape – Sara and Danny Krake. Let’s see if he can bend them into shape.

1000 Friends

Pretty soon, or rather very soon, Cyd is friends with all the dogs, concentrating on praising good behaviour and just occasionally scold bad behaviour. Now he wants to be the master of all dogs and BFFs with Lisa Ramirez. Too time consuming, let’s go downtown!

1001 Art

Conveniently enough he gets invited to an outing to the art museum, which stirs up his wants a bit

1002 Coffee
1003 Emelie

He drinks some coffee and meets a two bolts hot Emelie Pettersson. She married into the Mattsmyra prosperity, so we know she’s a Knowledge sim and is a very good grandma! (There she’s named Marita Bornemo and married generation 1 Evert Myhr)

1004 Chess
1005 Chess

Cyd plays some chess

1006 Job

However, his funds are running very low, so he urgently needs a job, any job. He accepts one as a dishwasher, since he will start already today!

1007 Disaster

Already by Tuesday evening, Cyd’s life is a disaster. The bad dogs are all stinky, pee on the floor and sleep in his bed, the dishes are piling up, and Cyd himself is exhausted and fun deprived.

1008 Attic

His sanctuary is the attic, where the dogs don’t go for some reason. Up there it’s clean and quiet, and he’s got his computer and his chess board there. Here is where he earns his few points.

1009 Food

Sometimes he gets a little joy out of having a simple meal in peace, too. But the house is still a mess.

1010 Service

Then Cyd decides that he wants all three dogs to have jobs in service, but there are none.

1011 Puppies

Instead he gets three new dogs!! Sara was pregnant from the beginning – but all you who played these dogs of course know that already.

1012 Puppies

It’s two female and one male pup, and since it’s Sara’s first litter, they all get names on A

1013 Behave

By Wednesday, the dogs start to behave most of the time. Cyd’s efforts off camera are paying off.

1014 Stink

Danny is the hardest one. He’s stinky and misbehaved, and it’s incredibly hard to teach him to eat dog food instead of spoilt sim food that makes him throw up.

1015 Chess

Cyd escapes to his sanctuary again

1016 Clean
1017 Wash
1018 Wash
1019 Wash

And after that, he’s got the energy to do some cleaning and wash the dogs!

1020 Dog whisper

He also spends some time being Cesar, the Dog Whisperer. (You gotta love that show!)

Some day, even Danny will learn!
(Player’s tip – if you have a dog that is brought up wrong on food – place sim food on the ground and your dog will eat it. Let him eat himself full, then scold him for eating sim food. After a few times he will try the dog food. Make sure to praise him them, and soon you have changed his behaviour!)

1021 Fired

Unfortunately it takes a lot of time and effort to have six misbehaved dogs and no maid, so it’s inevitable that Cyd gets fired for bad performance. He probably slept on the job! (Too bad it doesn’t help the energy level as is does in Sims 3)

1022 Good
1023 Good

It’s good for the dogs and for Cyd’s peace of mind not to work, but it’s really bad for his wallet! Feeding six dogs takes it’s fair share out of the budget!

1024 DAnce

So, early Sunday morning Cyd accepts a job in the Dance career, mostly since he can start already today.

1025 Starve

And the money will most certainly come in handy, because rhe puppies just grew up, just as misbehaved as their parents, and we get a message, or three, that Porthos is starving.

1026 Fight

Aurora doesn’t wait to give the stray cat a lesson

1027 Train

Cyd really stretches his abilities to straighten all the dogs out

1028 Fail

But most of the time, the task is just overwhelming!

1029 Score
The only thing to say is – better luck next time, Cyd  - it most certainly cannot get worse!

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