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Belladonna Wishes - Week 1 - Rehnström

The Rehnström family consists of two friends living together. They have been played before

0949 Rehn w1

Abbe Rehnström, Romance
Alfie Westlinger, Fortune

0950 Histoty

The bachelors’ earlier life revolved around their girlfriends, and for Alfie around earning money.

0951 Alfie
0952 Piano

Both guys are up in the middle of the night. Alfie meets new people and Abbe plays the piano. Their respective wishes look more or less as can be expected.

0953 Date
0954 Carina

As soon as the sun rises, Abbe asks Carina Grimmhav for a date, and his wishes are easily met. Carina is a fellow romancer and she has been around a bit.

0955 Date

She’s still there when the clock strikes midnight, so they have another date and easily meets Abbe’s wishes.

0956 Talk
0957 Piano
0958 Lovisa

Alfie is quite easily maintained too, both through skilling and through dating his girlfriend Lovisa Cegerblad.

0959 Date
0960 Date

Wednesday is more of the same for Abbe

0961 MP3
0962 Hotdog

Alfie goes to a community lot to buy an MP3-player and cook hot dogs.

0963 Advice
0964 Talk

Then he goes home to give financial advice and talk to his friend in his underwear.

0965 Game

Thursday he goes back to the grocery store since he realized he wants a hand game too.

0966 Jessica

While there, j68 tries to get him interested in some girls, since he doesn’t seem to wish for Lovisa a lot, even though they have two bolts. It doesn’t work so well, so he invites Lovisa over to the community lot for a date.

0967 Lovisa

SHE is interested, being a Family girl. She wants to get engaged to Alfie, but it will not happen until he wishes for it.

0968 new

At home, Abbe meets some new people in the chat room, and we realize that Maria Carhagen is his sister.

0969 Emelie
0970 Fast
0971 Scold

In that chat room he met Emelie Vaj. He’s VERY interested in her, even though they have two bolts, compared to the three he’s got with Carina. Unfortunately, he moves too fast!

0972 Kiss
0973 Date

Later that night, when he gets back from work promoted to Fastfood Shift Manager, and only tries to kiss Emelie’s hand, it works much better, and from that moment on they are dating exclusively.

0974 Music
0975 Music
0976 Music

Alfie wishes to buy all sorts of musical instruments, and when they are in place, Abbe wishes to use them, so that way they both benefit from the purchases.

0977 Emelie
0978 Emelie

Friday is all about Emelie. It turns out she’s a Family girl, and they still have two bolts. That’s big!

0979 Lovisa

Hey, Alfie, you’re a Fortune sim, why don’t you wish to get married to Lovisa and become a perfectly successful businessman? You should spend some more time with her

0980 Lovisa

Alfie approaches Lovisa, and she thinks he will kiss her, but instead he’s asking her to do some garden work!

0981 Selfish

He’s such a selfish pig! Probably Lovisa deserves something better.

0982 Chess

Alfie: ”What?! I didn’t do anything!”
J68: “No, you didn’t and that’s the problem! You owe her!”
Alfie: “Ok, ok, I’ll ask her on a proper date”

0983 Play

So, he invites her over, and plays with her (!)

0984 Restaurant

But he actually takes her out to a restaurant (at 10 am) and has the decency to want to make a toast before he woohoos her. Lovisa wouldn’t mind that activity at all, but she DOES want two rings, too!

0985 Woo

They end up in bed, without rings…

0986 Denise
0987 Bed

In the meantime, Abbe has become his former self and invites Denise Jacquet over for a date. They promptly fall in love and end up in bed. So much for exclusiveness!

0988 Date

Alfie and Lovisa continue to date frequently, and we keep hoping (j68 and Lovisa both) that he will end up wanting to marry her

0989 Date

He wants her alright, but not as his wife as it seems. He never loses sight of his wish to top the Business career, though!

0990 Engage

Then the next amazing turn of events is that when Abbe asks Emelie out the next time, they fall hard in love and they both wish to get engaged! Abbe is a Romancer for crying out loud!

0991 Ring
0992 Engage

So, better seize the moment!

0993 Engage

And they both get a positive memory from the engagement! It must really have been her he wanted!

0994 Move in

According to J68 rules, engagement means moving in together, since there is no special wish for ”ask x to move in”. Thereby we have a third inhabitant on this lot – Emelie Vaj, Family.

0995 Married

And since SHE wants them to get married, they marry and live happily ever after. Or not, since he’s still a Romance sim, and this is a wish-driven society J

0996 Score
The score for the week is perfect, but since Emelie wasn’t here until Sunday, it doesn’t count as perfect. We’ll have to live with that J

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