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Belladonna Wishes - Week 1 - Ramirez

The Ramirez are a known Bluewater family, owning a furniture store, which no one was interested in all week.

0902 Ramirez w1

Checo Ramirez, Fortune
Lisa Ramirez, Knowledge
Tessa Ramirez, child

0903 Maid

We start off with Lisa wanting a maid. That’s good, then we won’t have to see filthy toilets and piles of dirty plates in this house!

0904 TAlk
0905 Romance

Then we have some romance

0906 Job

Checo is not so romantic, but he wants a job. The jobs he wishes for are not available, so we choose a Business job, since his LTW is to become a Business Tycoon

0907 Prom

He immediately wishes for a promotion, and to be able to be promoted he needs charisma, so start practising!

0908 Crativity
0909 Creativity
0910 Cooking

Tessa starts her week earning points by the piano and earning a cooking point. Is she becoming a Knowledge sim like her mother?

0911 Logic
0912 Logic

Lisa does like her Logic points, but she’s not as hardcore a Knowledge sim as some others in this hood!

0913 Promo

Checo gets his promotion and is happy.

0914 Kiss
0915 Gossip
0916 Kiss

Then he spends some time with his wife.

0917 Piano

Tessa continues to play the piano

0918 Talk

and spends some time with her father.

0919 Skill
0920 Skill
0921 Skill
0922 Skill

Shouldn’t have said anything about hardcore… Let’s check in with Tessa instead

0923 Talk
0924 Homework
0925 Piano

Daddy, homework, piano. Check!

0926 Skill
0927 Promo
0928 Skill

Checo – Skill, promotion, skill. Check!

0929 Piano
0930 Skill
0931 Skill

Aaand  - repeat!

0932 Crea

Look – Tessa got a creativity point by painting!

0933 Promo
0934 Skill
0935 Skill

Aand – repeat!

0936 Play
0937 Play
0938 Joke

Then Tessa’s wishes change

0939 Skill
0940 Friend

While her parents’ wishes stay the same. Only difference is that Checo now needs friends instead of skill points to be promoted.

0941 Cook

Occasionally we have wishes that differ from the ordinary. It needs to be documented!

0942 Skill

Because soon we are back to normal!

0943 Party
0944 Party
0945 Sell

For Tessa’s birthday, a party is arranged, and we see scenes that we normally don’t see

0946 Cake

She blows out her candles…

0947 Invisible

… and becomes invisible. Nevertheless, she rolls Knowledge, which seems to be fitting for this version of Tessa Ramirez, if annoying for the SimGodess. Then we have a game crash, but upon re-entry, nothing more happens, so this is where we’ll end this update.

0948 Score
Checo had a fantastic week, probably since it’s easy to get promoted the first steps. Tessa’s week was also very good, while Lisa had a normal Knowledge week. She got a LOT of skill points, but not enough for filling every day.

Tags: belladonna wishes, ramirez

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